The Lost Century

My name's Sophia. I woke up that morning like any other morning. Except this wasn't any other morning. I find my parents dead, and no explenation. A horrible disaster has struck my life. But I can't let it happen again, and Ray won't either. So there is only one place to on a journey. Someplace with aswers and help. And maybe I'm just a little older than i thought....

(I wrote this a LONG time ago, so it's not very good, but it's my first complete novel so i thought I might share it with you)


1. Awakening


YAWN! I woke up that day like any other day. I turned to my left side like I did most of the time, but that day I didn’t feel as tired. I sat up in my bed and I started coughing. Then I noticed something really strange. The covers, they were dusty, I mean really dusty. But the strangest thing was the clock was frozen, no ticking none of that just broken. It was working fine the last time I checked. Then I glanced over at Snuffles my hamster, my DEAD hamster! NO! Not Snuffles why him. Mom and dad got him for me on my 8th birthday. Wait mom and dad. “MOM” I shouted “DAD“. I ran up to their room crying. Snuffles is dead I shouted! But that wasn’t the worst part. There in their bed I saw two skeletons laying. This wasn’t happening.

I did a stupid thing and raced out side screaming at the top of my lungs. I had to tug on the door a bunch of times, it was stuck. I finally made it outside, but what was going on? The park that used to stand right in front of my house was now a jungle of grass and overgrown trees. The grass stretched around the block, and the trees broke through the windows of houses. Where would I go now? What would I do? I didn’t have time to think about that any longer because I was interrupted by a growl. It was a low pitch growl. What was it? A dog, a lion, a tiger? What ever it was I didn’t want to find out. I started to race to my left as fast as I could. I took a glimpse behind me. The creature looked like a wolf, well some messed of version of one anyways. It was too close I was going to dye. I curled up into a ball. This was my last breath, but instead of dyeing the growling stopped. I looked up, a man with black hair, ripped jeans, and a brown shirt was standing in front of me. He had a riffle, he must have killed the wolf.

“What were you thinking? why are you bare foot?” he demanded.

“What’s your name” he asked.

“S…Sophia” I mumbled.

“Where is your family’’.

I explained what had happened. He looked at me for a moment. “That means you just had your awakening.”

“y…yes” I said

“Strange, I have never seen them attack during the day, but then again with a plump girl like you how could they resist?” he continued.

“Look Sophia were do you live” he asked.

I pointed to what was left of my house.

“I see, well I’m going to get you clothing come wait in the hall” he announced.


“I’m not going back in there” I shouted

“O.K fine stay out here, but if another wolf comes just yell” he said ironically. I had no choice but to follow him inside.

He went up stares and came down with a tattered and torn green shirt and a ripped pair of blue jeans. He went back again and came down with my brown leather sewn shoes, but they looked so old, when I had only gotten them last week.







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