The REAL kiss of death

11 years ago a curse was put on Gina. She is now 16 and her parents are long gone. She lives by herself and has her crew of demons with her. A group of hot girls with serious issues. After a life of depression, hurt and abusive, she is a lean, mean, killing machine with a vengeance. But when a gorgeous hot boy causes a change of plan.... Which path will she choose?


4. The project

"Okay then class, we are now starting on a new project."
Mr. Johnson, their P.S.H.E teacher said. "We are going to partner up with the people sat next to us so..."
He scanned the room and then said, "So it' a going to be Andrew and Gregory, John and Cleo, Bradley and Jordon, Samantha and samuel, Gabbie and Khloe, Victoria and Diana Jesse and Lauryn." His eyes stoped at Gina. She was sitting alone because Tracey wasn't there. Come to think of it, they hadn't seen Tracy since the day before. On their hunt. "Ooh. Erm.... I think Gina you should go with..." Mr. Johnson scanned the room again and then his eyes stopped at Kenan. Gina was petrified and just prayed that he wouldn't say it. "Ah Kenan. And the rest of you know who your partners are so, lets begin." Mr. Johnson continued, not noticing the mortification in Ginas eyes. She was angry. Angry at Tracey for not being there. Angry at Kenan and Mr.Johnson. Angry at the world. Angry. She reluctantly got up and sat next to Kenan. She glared at him and he winked at her. The cheek.
Mr. Johnson started handing out some camcorders. "I trust you all know what these are." He said, handing one to Kenan as he was too scared to give it to Gina. Everyone nodded and cheered excitedly. The stupid boys were fascinated by the camcorders and started goofing off with them. "Not now guys, you will have plenty of time to goof around with them." Mr. Johnson said, handing out the last of them. "Now don't break em or you will pay. Your project is to spend 4 whole days at your partners house. Sleeping over, doing everything they do and recording their every move. You will follow them around and to the boys in the back, no. that does not mean the toilet or them getting changed either. You will edit the footage and do a voice over, maybe interview the person and give us updates every lesson. Not too much though because we will be watching the video and want it to be interesting and surprising. You will then swap over and be the one in charge of the camcorder. Put your hand down james, questions later. So four days each will make eight whole days and I will give you guys hmm, about 2 weeks afterwards to perfect your editing. Now discuss the things you will do in the editng and how its all going to work. Do that now and I will come and answer any questions. Hand down james, I will come to you when I decide." Mr. Johnson clapped his hands and everyone started talking. "And remember, the point of this subject is to socialize and discover something about your partner and share it with us. Remember guys this project is worth 65% of your grade!" Mr. Johnson shouted over the buzz in the room. Gina was completely shattered. She was letting this boy into her life and that could only end in really big discoveries and possibly death. "So, which bed are we going to sleep in first?" Kenan asked, smirking like and idiot. "You are not going anywhere witg me becuase I live with my friends and we are not afraid to destory you" Gina said threateningly. Kenan shrugged his shoulders. "Listen you don't talk back to me okay or shrug your shoulders?" Gina took a pen and stabbed Kenans hand and he screamed. Me. johnson glared at the pair and then went back to answering questions. Kenan waved his hand about frantically. Trying to cool it off and stop blood gushing out. "Whatever." He said. "I don't care how you kill me but just somebof that sweet cherry lipstick a'ight?" He leaned back and winked. "It's not cherry. It's death." Gina replied giving a mysterious stare.
"Yeah heavenly." Kenan said, putting his hand on top of Ginas. She twisted it back until she heard a click. Instead of crying, he just laughed. Gina growled and turned away. She started smiling and then quickly stopped herself. It wasn't funny. He just could not be broken. If anything, he was breaking her.
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