The REAL kiss of death

11 years ago a curse was put on Gina. She is now 16 and her parents are long gone. She lives by herself and has her crew of demons with her. A group of hot girls with serious issues. After a life of depression, hurt and abusive, she is a lean, mean, killing machine with a vengeance. But when a gorgeous hot boy causes a change of plan.... Which path will she choose?


3. The new boy

Gina and her crew went to college the following day. Or as they described it, the target zone. Diana patted her bag and smiled at the other girls. Something was about to happen. Something devious. Something........ Death de-fying. Gina and her crew walked into the care takers office and pulled up their skirts. "Okay.. You got the stuff?" Lauryn asked, licking her lips and glaring at Dianas bag. Diana smirked and then nodded. In the darkness of the caretakers room, their plans unraveled. Then, they all walked out unseen. "What class do we have first then girls?" Jesse asked, dusting off her clothes and pulling up her skirt. "Well, just like the caretaker will be..." Victoria said. "History." Gina finished off before slamming someones locker door on their hands. She walked into class, leaving the poor nerd to scream in agony. As soon as Gina sat down, she knew something was up. Something about the class seemed odd. Suddenly, a shadow loomed over her and then plopped down onto the chair. A boy. A boy Gina had never seen before. He must've been new. The whole room gasped. Even Mr. Edwards, the teacher. "Okay, I understand that you're new... But if you ever sit next to me again.... I WILL crush you." Gina said threateningly. The, admitedly good looking, boy tried to hide his smirk but just burst out laughing in her face. Gina was outraged, her face was nearly turning the colour of her lipstick. She relaxed. She grabbed the boy by the collar of his shirt and pulled him in for a kiss. He did something so unexpected. He kissed her back. Gina was so shocked she let go of him and then kicked him out of the chair. Victoria crushed his hand under her heels, bent down and whispered to him, "Next time you sit in my seat, i'm going to crush a lot more than just your hand." Then she bit the air in a sexy way and a couple of guys behind her whistled as she got back up. Clearly enjoying the view of her arse. She turned to them. They froze. She blew a kiss and then they all stopped moving and blushed. Mr. Edwards cleared his throat and said "Gina please apologize to Mr. Lee and help him up and into his chair." Gina helped the boy up and when their hands connected, their eyes met. Gina felt a little something in her heart and she didn't like it. It scared her. The helpless boy smiled at her and said, "I'm Kenan." He held out his bruised hand for Gina to shake. She slowly took hers out and held Kenans hand. Then she twisted it and his arm behind his back before kicking him stomache first on top of his desk. Kenan groaned, sat down, and then turned to Greg, the boy next to him. "What just happened?" He asked, rubbing his hand and wincing. "You got kissed." Greg replied. "So try to avoid her and her gang because once that happens, they are out get you."
"I don't care. She's fit." Kenan said, eyeing the gang. "And when she kissed me, my legs were jelly. It was like dying." Kenan continued, unaware that the girls were listening to him. "That bad?" Greg asked, obviously confused. "And going to heaven fool!" Kenan exclaimed and then rolled his eyes.
"Victoria, he kissed me back." Gina said, still a bit shocked. "And he fancies me." Gina carried on.
"So? It's not like you have a heart so that relationship is not gonna work." Victoria answered, totally bored. But Gina did have a heart. And it stopped nearly everytime Kenan glanced at her.
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