The REAL kiss of death

11 years ago a curse was put on Gina. She is now 16 and her parents are long gone. She lives by herself and has her crew of demons with her. A group of hot girls with serious issues. After a life of depression, hurt and abusive, she is a lean, mean, killing machine with a vengeance. But when a gorgeous hot boy causes a change of plan.... Which path will she choose?


2. Meet the crew

Gina woke up and saw Victoria standing over her bed. Vicotoria was a gorgeous mixed race girl with curly dark red hair. Like Gina, she too was turning 16. The other girls got up too. "Yeeh Gina you like totally woke us up.” Diana groaned as she rubbed her eyes and walked to the kitchen. "Yeah. Again!" Jesse added harshly before curling back up in her bed. "Urgh sorry!" Gina snapped before going to the bathroom to brush her teeth. "The taste in my mouth is awful." Gina said before shoving her toothbrush into her mouth. "Yeah watevs babe." Lauryn chucked a pillow at Gina and then went back into the kitchen. Gina had been officially cursed after death kissed her. She had a special mark on her face that resembled an axe. Every now and then it would turn red and have face blood dripping down her neck. She realised this after she kissed both her parents goodnight. She kissed her mother on the lips the day she had ressurected. Just like death had said she would. However, the sneaky demon had forgotten to mention that whenever she kissed someone, they would have a couple of seconds of pleasure before their legs turned to jelly and they dropped dead. So she kissed her mom and dad goodnight and watched them drop dead. No five year old should ever have to watch their parents drop dead. But that five year old had to. Just thinking of all the years of abusive after her parents died brought years to her eyes. And all her suffering brought out the evil in her. Gina scratched her neck and then joined the girls in the kitchen. "Okay girls. We have some hunting to do." Gina announced as she grabbed a slice of Tracey's toast. Tracey swore at her under her breath. "Is your neck acting up again?" Lauryn asked, sipping her grape juice. (because it had a similar colour to blood. Gina's neck would bleed when the 5 death members seeked to take another into their underground home. So Gina was forever destined to kill. But she didn't care. The rest of the world had wronged her as far as she knew. "Urgh!" Victoria grabbed her and dragged her into the bathroom. "Sit!" She commanded and Gina sat down on the chair that was in the bathroom. Lauryn walked in as well to help out. "You guys do know that I can handle this right?" Gina snapped grumpily as the girls fussed over her neck. "Sure you can." Victoria said sarcastically. Finishing off by adding foundation on top of a very thon plaster. It stopped the blood and hid the plaster. Gina got up and pushed the girls out of the way. She stormed out of the bathroom as Victoria yelled, "You're welcome!" Gina went back into the bedroom and changed into some different clothes. She had decided that she would take a bath when she got home. Her neck was irritating right then. She put on some shorts, a justin bieber shirt (looks less aggresive) and then finoshed on with blood red lipstick. It was their uniform, blood red lipstick Gina finished off and waited in the lounge til the rest of the girls got there. Then let the hunt began. We walked out of our apartment and locked the door. Eyeing out anyone with potentional. Then, I saw her. I lifted my sunglasses and winked at the girls. They did the same and we did a sexy walk over to the lonely girl. "Hey!" Jesse sat down on the bench and pushed the girl further down the bench. The rest of the girls squeezed in on the other side. "Hey!" The girl said shyly. Victoria squeezed the girls shoulders playfully. "My name is Victoria and OMG! I just your hair. I just had to ask you were you got it done."
The girl giggled and played with her chesnut coloured hair. It was curled neatly and had a bow in it. The girl had to be at least 14. "Thanks guys." She mumbled shyly and then sipped her coke. "Erm, i'm Farah." She whispered and then smiled. "So... Show us were you get your hair done silly!" Jesse exclaimed, trying her best to smile. The girls smiled and looked like she finally trusted Gina and her crew. they got up and followed Farah and then, when they saw an alley, Gina winked at the girls. "Hey can we stop here, I think my leg clicked." Lauryn leaned against the wall and hung on to the wall. The girl nodded and looked concerned. Thats when Gina pulled the girl against a wall and kissed her. Then she let go of Farah as the light drained from her eyes. Farah dropped to the floor and lay there, dead. Gina re-adjusted her lipstick and then called the police using a public telephone. Then, they left high fiving as the sirens went louder.
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