The REAL kiss of death

11 years ago a curse was put on Gina. She is now 16 and her parents are long gone. She lives by herself and has her crew of demons with her. A group of hot girls with serious issues. After a life of depression, hurt and abusive, she is a lean, mean, killing machine with a vengeance. But when a gorgeous hot boy causes a change of plan.... Which path will she choose?


6. Day two

Kenan woke up after his okay night of sleep. To be fair it would've been better sleeping in the dump then what the girls had planned for him. His mind was awake but he had trouble keeping his eyes open. Suddenly, he was soaked in freezing cold water. "What the fu-" He began to exclaim before choking on the water and spluttering. He opened his eyes to's ee what the hell was going on. Bad idea. "Ah!" He screeched jumping up and squinting his eyes. They stung like hell. Gina stood over him, proudly holding a big jug. Half the water was gone.And judging by her smile, Kenan had a bad feeling about where the rest was gonna go. He jumped aside and made Gina spill the water over herself. She gasped in mock horror and pretty soon, the two were well into a water fight. Gina was shocked. This boy had made her smile. Actually made her happy. "Eh um.. Gina?" Gina turned around and saw Victoria and the girls. She was getting scared as she walked out. "You can't lose sight of whats going on here. The caretaker could be foind dead today and you're playing?" Jesse exclaimed. Gina stepped up to her, she was a couple inches taller then her and Jesse backed away. Gina was the tallesr one there. She was stupid for being scared. She was the boss and not them. She could kill them all using the blunt end of a spoon! She could kill them with no weapons. If anything they should have been the scared ones. "Dont tell us you actually have a heart." Lauryn scoffed. Crossing her arms. "Me and the girls were thinking-" Tracey began to say but Gina interrupted. "You and the girls need to be reminded whos boss here." gina said, having grabbed hold of Traceys collar. Now Tracey was scared. Gina had her lips sk close to Traceys that Tracey could count every line on Ginas lips. Gina unexpectedly dropped Tracys shirt and then tirned to Diana. She pulled her in for a kiss and watched the light drain from her eyes. When the body was almost motionless, Gina dumped it on the floor and wiped her mouth. She kissed a bewildered Tracey on the forehead and then smirked. Then she lefy, leaving the girls checking for Dianas pulse.
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