The REAL kiss of death

11 years ago a curse was put on Gina. She is now 16 and her parents are long gone. She lives by herself and has her crew of demons with her. A group of hot girls with serious issues. After a life of depression, hurt and abusive, she is a lean, mean, killing machine with a vengeance. But when a gorgeous hot boy causes a change of plan.... Which path will she choose?


5. Day one

"So.... Were should I set up?" Kenan asked nervously, as tje girls surrounded him. They were all wearing pj's with some indication of death on them. Gina pointed to a far corner in the lounge where her and victoria had spread out some newspaper. Next to the newspapers was two bowls, one with water, and the other with kibble. Kenan stared at the corner and frowned at the girls. "Are you for real?" He asked. "Sorry, but we can't let you mess up and fill our property with your diseases and fleas." Victoria repliecd cruelly. "And besides, we've always wanted a pet." Tracey said. She had returned home after visiting her parents. The girls hated her for doing tjat. What kind of an evil person would go and stay over with their mommy? Kenan swallowed some saliva in his mouth and then held out a sack. "But I was planning on using this so.." He said. Gina grabbed it and carelessly handed it to Victoria. "Good call." She said.
"Yeah, it could be contaminated." Gina said, before high-fiving the other two girls. Victoria and tracey laughed and then walked out of the room. Gina winked at kenan and then turned off the light. A streetlight shone through the window, shedding a small amount of light in the louge. Kenan looked down at the dog food and newspaper and chuckled to himself. He then looked in the direction of the video camera he had set up earlier and whispered, "I'm sure this is them at their kindest." Kenan chuckled to himself again and then switched it off after saying goodnight and waving like an idiot. Pretty soon, Kenan was lying on the sofa inside his sleeping bag, fast asleep.
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