The REAL kiss of death

11 years ago a curse was put on Gina. She is now 16 and her parents are long gone. She lives by herself and has her crew of demons with her. A group of hot girls with serious issues. After a life of depression, hurt and abusive, she is a lean, mean, killing machine with a vengeance. But when a gorgeous hot boy causes a change of plan.... Which path will she choose?


8. Boyfriend?

"Boyfriend?!" Gina exclaimed. "You want to be my boyfriend?" She repeated, her cheeks looking hot and fiery. Not that she was angry or anything, just on the verge of being angry. Why did she kiss him? Why did he kiss her? Why could she feel a heart banging her chest? Why, why, "Why?!" She finally asked out loud. "Because we have a connection. Don't you feel it?" Kenan asked, doing his signature half smile. "Ahh!" Kenan screamed as he clutched his eye. It had a bit of blood dripping off. "I- I-" Gina stuttered. She could varely believe it either. Of course her instinct had been to make his eye feel a connection with her fist. Kenan was getting pretty fiesty himself. "What is wrong with you?!" He screamed, writhing in agony. "Why can't you admit you feel the same way instead of attempting to murder me everytime I try something? Ah!" Kenan jumped up and down in pain. Gina actually felt a ping of guilt. It didn't last though. Her neck was itchy again. And so was her head. She felt like she was dying. There was a little stream nearby so she ran to it and jumped. Then breathed. It was more of a river than a stream. She didn't struggle or attempt to get up. She was just relaxed. Before she knew it, she was back. Baxk in the place she had dreaded for so many years. Back to the after life. Back to........ Death.
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