The Quest of a Lifetime

This story is about a group of heroes that decide to take the quest of a lifetime - the quest to slay the gods saradomin, and zammorak. They must overcome many challanges, and will go for any costs to do this. They will go on forever, if they must.


5. Thrown into prison for eternity

"Okay, now we're screwed, guys. This is going to be impossible." Said Matamo, scared to death. "Look, as long as no dragons appear, we're good. We know how to fight all of these monsters." said Kaishi.

"Well, what do you know? Here comes one now! and look whose riding it! Zammorak!"

"We're screwed." said Raika.


With no pride left, and no morale, they charged into battle. Matamo grabbed out his javelins, and threw all of them at the gargoyle. It fell onto the ground, its stone crumbling into peices. Kaishi slashed the leg off of one lesser demon, and the other one clawed her back. She fell onto the ground. Her back was her most vulnerable spot.

"Kaishi" Screamed Raika. He ran towards her, going faster than ever, despite being in robes or not. He  jumped to her, only to be stabbed by a skeletal warrior. Matamo was the only one left. He jumped at a skeleton mage, and slashed a warrior into two bone piles. Zammorak himself had to pick him off.

"Don't try to escape me, mere child! I am one of the gods!" yelled Zammorak. His voice sounded like nails on a chalkboard, or a cat hissing. It sounded like he had razorblades stuck in his throat.

"Agh!" Matamo screamed in pain. his voice was enough to make him faint. He thought he was dead, or deaf. The last thing matamo could remember would be getting picked up and thrown into the prison of zammorak. Nothing but a pile of bones, some shackles, and a pile of old fish with some blood on them. This would be a long quest...

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