The Quest of a Lifetime

This story is about a group of heroes that decide to take the quest of a lifetime - the quest to slay the gods saradomin, and zammorak. They must overcome many challanges, and will go for any costs to do this. They will go on forever, if they must.


2. The Quest

"As you know, the two gods, saradomin, and zammorak have been at war with eachother for billions of years." Said guthix, calmly as he's done this every day. "Yeah, its one of the most easiest things to remember! Everyone knows about it." Said Raiku. "Well, it must be stopped. This has gone long enough, and I beleive that it needs a chance to stop."

"You don't mean..."

"Yes, child. I do. You three must go and slay the two gods. This is the most difficult quest any mortal has been given."

"So, are you up to the task, children?"

"Yeah! This is gonna be AWESOME!" said Matamo, excitedly.

"Don't think this will be so simple. You will need to fight thousands of creatures, all defending the gods. They will kill all who dare try to destroy them"

"Yeah... awesome... still..." said Matamo, now scared out of his platelegs.

"Good... now go brief. take this map - it will lead you to the two lairs. Goodbye now."

A second he was there, and another second a blue aura had surrounded him, and he teleported away. The three young heroes stood there in awe. They didn't know how difficult the quest that they had just accepted would be, or how they would complete it. If they failed this, well... they didn't know what would happen. "Well, lets go brief, I guess." said Kaishi.

"Yeah... everyone, get your stuff ready, and meet me at the bank. There we will get our equipment, and we will leave at sunset. According to the map, we should go through the mountains of fear before anything."

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