The Quest of a Lifetime

This story is about a group of heroes that decide to take the quest of a lifetime - the quest to slay the gods saradomin, and zammorak. They must overcome many challanges, and will go for any costs to do this. They will go on forever, if they must.


3. The Mountains of Fear

Each of them left the cavern at the same time. Matamo was the last to leave, partially frozen where he was. He shook his head lightly, and started to leave the cave. Him being the last at the bank, he was the last to get his items. He grabbed his best items, the ones that weren't permitted at the fighting academy. He was an ace at strength, so atleast he could weild two handed weapons with one hand. He looked through his items. He took an armadyl godsword, and a bandos warsheild. He also took his best armour. Bandos chestplate, tassets, boots, helmet, and gloves. Now that he was ready, with his new armor on, he looked at the others.

Raika had a third age mage hat, infinity boots, zuriel robe top, zuriel robe bottom, a master wand, an arcane spirit sheild, barrows gloves, a guthix cape, a seers ring and a third age amulet. In other words, his robes were yellow, and black with a black and white hat, some rainbow-ish boots, a cool wand, a yellow sheild, the same gloves as him, a cape with a green root on it - similar to the one guthix was wearing in a cave, and a ring.

Kaishi, however looked like a defense machine. She had a dragon full helmet on, with torva platebody and platelegs. The purple in her armour shined in the light. She also had an abyssal whip, with a spectral spirit sheild. She also had some dragon boots.

With all of them having some armor, food, weapons, and potions ready, they set off into their quest to the mountains of fear. The journey to the mountains itself was long and exhausiting. Sometimes, they all felt like giving up. Than, they heard a large screeching noise - one that couldn't be anything but a-

"RUN!" Screamed Raika. This was none other than an army of kalphite creatures. The queen was at the back of them, the lower ranks in the front. They quickly prepared their weapons, and charged - all except for Raika.

Raika shot blasts of fire, and wind into the people, and also used a guthix staff that he had hidden to summon the power of guthix. Somehow, Kaishi managed to use her whip to control the little demons. She killed the ones that didn't obey, and rode one of the larger ones with smaller kalphite attached to a rope. She destroyed the kalphite with their own army. Matamo, however was going pro. He jumped onto a kalphite, stabbing it as he jumped towards the queen, repeating the stab-jump sequence. He than reached the queen, sliding under her, he ripped his blade through her belly, making poison fall out. He slid out from the back, and slashed off one of the queens legs. Raika than finished her off with a fireball - a large fireball.

After that battle, they realized they had nothing left to fear. The pathway pretty much vanished, leading into the next part of the pathway to the lair of zammorak.


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