The Quest of a Lifetime

This story is about a group of heroes that decide to take the quest of a lifetime - the quest to slay the gods saradomin, and zammorak. They must overcome many challanges, and will go for any costs to do this. They will go on forever, if they must.


4. The Black Knights Castle

This was nothing like the black knights fortress. This was much larger - and deadlier. Cannons were lined up on the walls, and black knight guards guarded. They wore strictly black armour, and used black weapons only. The head guard was guarding the cage of a group of saradomin priests - maybe 50 or 60 in the jail. Some got released to fight in the arena, against monsters like lesser demons, or fire elementals, or black knights gladiators. If the some lived, they got a tier upgrade in armor, and weaponry. The best priest Matamo saw was a priest with a steel platebody, a bronze medium helmet, and an adamant scimictar. Than they remembered that they were hanging off of volcanic rock, and let go instantly on the burning feeling. Making such a loud noise, the three of them drew attention. Matamo took out his handcannon, and shot cannonballs at the walls, making them collapse on soldiers, and while soldiers were on them. He freed the saradomin priests, and shot the guard captain. Raika, on the other hand combined the earth and the flames, and sent a chunk of volcanic rock at the people. Kaishi was whipping the people, the spikes on her whip penetrating the armor of the black knights easily.

Within minutes of the assault, they were inside the castle, scanning through every room and killing all who stoof in their way. When they reached the king of the black knights, he yeilded. They took him as prisoner like a peice of cake. "What is the code to zammoraks lair!?" screamed Kaishi.

"The code... its ⌂╘╤▓!"

Raika quickly wrote down the code, and than the heroes killed him. They happily ran through the remaining bits of the castle, reaching the pathway of obsidian, that lead to a fortress made from lava, bones, and other things. Around the pathway, there was no ropes, or any secure railings to hold onto, and lava was below you- meaning that if you tripped, you could fall to your doom. Guarding the gates of the bone castle were skeletons, three hellhounds, and a gargoyle. Oh crap...

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