The Quest of a Lifetime

This story is about a group of heroes that decide to take the quest of a lifetime - the quest to slay the gods saradomin, and zammorak. They must overcome many challanges, and will go for any costs to do this. They will go on forever, if they must.


1. The Beginning

"I don't think we should cut on cut on class like this, Matamo!" Said Kaishi, as she caught up to Matamo. Matamo was a tall guy, with amazing strength, and could always get a good attack on the enemy. Kaishi was a sexy girl, if she wasn't in combat. She had okay attacks, but her defense was always her best. She could counterattack anything, if she was being attacked. "Wait up guys!" said Raika, as he caught up to the two. Raika was a "magic boy" as the others called him. He was slow, because of his robes but could always burn, freeze, throw back, or throw chunks of dirt at people if he felt like it. He practiced magic every day, and was trying to master it. "Why not, Kaishi?" Said Matamo, catching his breath for a breif moment. "We can't cut class! What if the professor was teaching us about how to defend from a dragon, or how to kill a baby dragon?" said Kaishi. "He wouldn't need to teach us that. Now, lets just get to the cavern!" said Matamo, excitedly. "Okay, but if we get in trouble, this one is on you."

The cavern was dark, with few torches to light the way. Sometimes a rat would scurry by, and maybe even the odd bat. The three had set up traps that only gods could avoid, or the people who made them. Raiku walked over the tripwire that would activate the corrosive acid bucket on the ceiling. Matamo pressed the button sequence correctly, the boulders in the walls not being released, rolling onto the three. Kaishi, lead the path throught the feild of doom - a feild full of scorpions, blazing fires, freezing pathways, and voilence. They had finally made it through the traps.

Footsteps echoed in the cavern. Drips of water could make the loudest noise, aside from talking. There were no more rats to scurry around, or even a bat. "Did you hear that, guys?" Said Raiku, nervously. "Hear what?" Matamo, and Kaishi saying at the same time. They both laughed, like this happened alot more than it should. "That noise... it sounded like it was footsteps..." Raiku said, nervously. Kaishi noticed that he was sweating a-bit. Thats what he did when he knew there was a powerful person - or enemy around. "Thats because it is footsteps..." Said a mysterious man. He sounded somehow a mix of happy, and grim. He was in some green and white robes, with a root-like symbol on the front of his robes. He had a matching cape, and a hood. "Y-... y-... you're guthix!" yelled Raiku. "Yes, I am. I have come to give the three of you a quest... a quest that could save mankind." Raiku stood there, frozen at the fact that he had seen guthix. "Well, what is it!?" Matamo said, also in shock.

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