The King's Church

Okay I just wanted to say a thank you to the church that has truly changed my life and so I wrote this..... hope you guys like it, I know it isn't for everyone.


1. The King's Church

There came one day,

I didn't know what to do,

So I went to a church

That was known to very few.


I was scared at first

And sat on my own,

Until a man started to speak,

And a path was shown


He said God loved us all,

Which came to me as a surprise,

I tried to ignore it,

But I could see the look in his eyes.


He told us of his hardships,

And I just couldn't believe,

That he kept his faith,

I thought he was trying to deceive


But I went home,

And I dug down deep,

What I found there,

Lead to a faithful leap.


I begged for His forgiveness,

I told Him I was wrong,

I told Him I'd believe,

That I would sing his songs.


So now God is my protector,

And I try to prove my worth,

There is only one thing left to say,

Thank you to the King's Church.


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