The Orphanage

My parents died during a large war, along with most of the world. My brother and I, lived and that made us orphans. Well, a capitol called Azten had four hundred survivors and one of those surviors was a welthy man named Joseph Dimes. Dimes, had other surviors build huge brick walls surrounding Azten so, we where safe but my brother and i weren't. He had a huge building with no roof just left the forest inside and put walls up made in the forest contected to the Captiol. Well, the orphans where put in that building and had to defend for there selfs they are not alloud out untill they are 29. Only one person made it out so far.



             Its, turning dark I better head back to the cave Anthony must be getting worried. I grab my hand-made fishing pole and the cloth that holds tonights dinner. I start walking east towards the cave when I here a noise, I pull out my hand-made knife and turn around. There, is a boy my age standing there, "What, do you want Zayn". I spat. He shakes his head at me "Reina, there is no need to be rude anyway, a knew one came in he is quite annoying so, I wanted to be nice and give him to you oh, and his sister". Maybe, if i have more people helping Anthony and I can make it out "Fine, hand them over". 

                    He smiles and then says "Liam,Harry she wants them". Two guys come out from behind a tree holding a little girl and a boy around my age. Then Harry and Liam push them away and walk away with Zayn. I shrugg then, I say "Follow, me if you want to live". They both catch up the little girl's hand in her brother's. I hear a howl, great know because of Zayn I might die.

                  We reach the cave and I lift up the rock that is blocking the entrance in the cave and the guy helps me with the rock. They get in the cave, I get in last and put the rock on the door.Anthony is asleep and im tired. "You guys should go to sleep". They nodd and drift into sleep eventually

      sorry that it is not a long chapter i will make it up thanks for reding much love and please comment - MYSTALYN XD


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