Just a girl, just a pair of wings...


3. OK, maybe we are

  So I know my Mum did it because she thought it was the best thing for me and Emma. But that doesn't mean that I have to like it. Which I don't. But that also doesn't give me an excuse to be mean to my kind, funny, ditzy Mum. So in the few weeks that passed in a blur of cardboard boxes and silent tears that only came on when I was in bed and the rest of the world was quiet and watchful, I tried to be as nice as I could to my family even though I felt like screaming at the world.

  I remember the day that I had to say goodbye to my friends. I woke up feeling rubbish and went to bed feeling even worse. I knew I was going to miss them so much. 

  Funny, cheeky Sammy who only wants the best for all her friends, always making jokes and laughing about the silliest things. Totally boy crazy Josy, who is forever talking about when she becomes a famous actress and how she'll have a beautiful penthouse somewhere in Hawaii that overlooks the sea. Sweet and shy Arabella who sits there listening to us and only talks when she has something deep to say.

   Saying goodbye was hard. We steered clear of the subject all day until the point where my Mum rang the doorbell. Sammy was the first to burst into flood of tears and I gave her a pointed look that stated clearly that she must not cry or else I would too. She took herself over to a corner and wept into her hands. Arabella went over to her, giving me an apologetic smile and wrapping a reassuring arm around Sammy. 

  Josy hugged me tightly, whispering into my ear that she would miss me so much. She stepped back and I saw that she had tears in her pale blue eyes.  My eyes began to water and, giggling a little, I pointed a stern finger in the direction of Sammy's corner and she obediently went to hug Sammy too, telling her it would be okay.

  I followed her, silent tears dripping off the end of my nose by this point. Sammy reached out for me, wrapping her arms around my shoulders. I buried my face in her hair as she whispered goodbye to me. As soon as she was done, she turned around and wept gut-wrenching sobs into a cushion. Arabella came up to me, studying me with her bright green eyes. When she saw what she was looking for, she smiled sadly, hugging me tightly.

  Arabella had an amazing talent at reading someones emotions in their eyes. I think she had seen that I was very, very sad and did not want to leave my home.

"You'll be fine, Ieva," she whispered into my ear. I sniffled, not knowing how to respond to this. I loved all my friends but Arabella was probably my favourite because she never asked questions, she just listened and was there for you. I liked that.

"Seriously, you're great at making friends and we will always be here and we'll keep in touch, promise," she tried to reassure me but the words were lost on me. Mum had said this to me a thousand times. It wasn't going to work on me

  Before I left, Sammy's mum gave me a huge slice of triple chocolate and fudge cake to take home with me.

"What do you say Ieva?" my Mum asked me, nudging my arm. I blushed a rosy pink. I usually liked to stay out of the center of attention.

"Thank you," I mumbled. Sammy's mum smiled at me, saying something about how she'd miss us all. But I wasn't concentrating on her. I was focusing on the five words that Arabella mouthed at me as I climbed into the front seat of the car.

Wings are made to fly.

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