Just a girl, just a pair of wings...


2. Oh no we're not...

  My initial reaction was to be incredibly angry. Thoughts buzzed around my mind like bees around a honey pot. I struggled hard to digest this new piece of news, my mind breaking it up into little bits. We. Were. Moving. Away. From. The. Only. Place. I. Ever. Knew. That took a while. Everyone, even Emma, had managed to shut up and stare at me. I wasn't quite comfortable with this so I took to staring at a butterfly that was fluttering around our garden, landing on flowers every now and then. How simple its life must be, to only be that beautiful for a day. 

  I then became hurt. How had Emma, a little six-year-old whom is seriously infuriating, known the biggest piece of news in my entire universe before me?! How? This just wasn't fair. I realized how my face must have looked so I re-arranged it into a look that said 'I am extremely mad at you so let me speak first'. Obviously, Mum did not understand the simple instruction I was giving out through my slitted eyes so she began to talk.

"Honey? Are you alright?" Alright! I was anything BUT alright! My life was just about to change dramatically (more than I knew) but she still had the cheek to ask me if I was ALRIGHT? Sheesh kebab, that got me infuriated.

   I stood up from the gleaming polished wood kitchen table, shoving my chair back hard. The glasses of juice and water rattled on the table, threatening to spill over. I glared at my family, from my Mum who was anxiously chewing her lip off to my little sister Emma who had no idea what was going on and was frowning, her rosebud mouth all puckered up.

"AAARGH!" I yelled loudly, turning around and taking the stairs two at a time. 

  Hiding away in my bedroom was not going to help anything, I knew that. But I buried my head in my pillow anyway. I could hear someone pushing back their chair (Mum, I thought) and my Dad soothing her, telling her I needed some Alone Time. Too right I did. 

  I could not believe that my parents had decided to break this awful news to me just before school started again and I finally got to see my friends. I had already made plans with them, like where we would sit, who with and all the other little things that would have made up my daily life. I sighed in frustration, fighting back the tears that threatened to spill. I would not cry. My resolve was so strong that I had still not cried three hours later when I heard a light knock on my bedroom door, marking the arrival of my very anxious mother.

  "Ieva?" she whispered. I sighed groggily, having just woken up from a sleep filled with bad dreams. I sighed again, knowing that at some point I would have to face the world again. I shook my head, trying to shake out the frightening pictures my dreams had left behind. She knocked again, a little more impatiently this time.

"What?" I snarled. I wished I hadn't spoken to my Mum like that. We had a close bond and I wanted us to stay that way.

"Come in," I said, more softly this time. She opened the door just a crack, smiling at me sheepishly.

"Did I wake you?" she asked me, setting a tray down on my desk. I nodded once, still a little mad at her.

"Sorry," she said, meaning it. I nodded again, knowing she would appreciate that.

  She sat down on the end of my bed, looking around my room, her eyes finally settling on the picture that hung over my bed. It was of me and my best friend Lefti in our front garden, ready to go swimming. It had only been taken a few months before. She smiled, the smile lighting her eyes. Her eyes softened as they fell on me again.

"I'm sorry Ieva. I thought you'd be happy." Oh yeah. Like I'd be happy about a piece of news like THAT!

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