Just a girl, just a pair of wings...


1. Mama said

   Mama told me not to waste my life, she said spread your wings my little butterfly. I got to sleep every night like this, these words engraved upon my mind by the age of two. My dreams were full of me sprouting a magnificent pair of white feathery angel wings and joining giant butterflies in flitting around the cornflower-blue sky doing sweet nothing. All nonsense of course. Nothing comes from dreaming. Right?

   My name is Ieva. In case you don't know how to pronounce that, it's Ee-eh-va. Just like that. It's a pretty name, isn't it? My Papa chose it. He's into foreign names. He is foreign. I'm proud to say that I'm Half Cypriot (that's a person who's from Cyprus) and half English (I trust you know where an English person comes from). Until my thirteenth birthday I spent those long summer days in the sea, floating around on my back and staring at the sky or splashing in the refreshing coolness of our pool with my friends. Life couldn't be any better. I had the three bestest friends a girl could wish for and a house big enough to give ten homeless people a place to stay all in one go.

  That was all up until the bombshell was dropped. Mama and Papa sat me and Emma, my little sister, down at the table own bright sunny autumn day. I was a little worried, fearing that the news would be terrible (it was of course; what kind of news isn't bad when your parents sit you down at the table altogether?) but the sight of my Mum and Dad beaming down at us helped me to relax a little. Until they started talking, that is.

  I looked at Emma to see if she knew what this was all about. Strangely, she was beaming at me too, as if she knew what was happening. I looked around the table at the rest of my grinning family. OK, I know I'm a little slow on the uptake but this was even beyond me. What was happening?!

  After a little while longer of all the grinning and the staring bright eyes that looked at me, I finally cracked.

"OK, so what the heck is going on?" I almost snapped, stopping myself just in time. No matter how grumpy I felt, I was not going to ruin my happy family's glorious (whatever it was) moment. My Mum's smile brightened a little more, if that was even possible. I suppressed myself from rolling my eyes just in time. My Dad saw my eyes twitch a little and frowned slightly at me, if only for a split second.

  That's when their faces turned a bit more serious. Well, Mum and Dad became more serious. Emma sat there, staring at the ceiling and smiling broadly, singing a tuneless song about unicorns and rainbows. Ahem...

"Well, honey, we have some... good.. news," Mum said, a little nervously if you ask me. I raised a perfectly arched eyebrow, a look I'd had to perfect in the mirror first. I saw the look she and my Dad passed between them and believe me, it was not a very encouraging one. They seemed to be arguing with their eyes and I knew them well enough to know that it would be about who was to tell me this 'news'. Finally, Dad cracked under Mum's withering glare.

  By this time, I had my arms folded across my chest and I was sorely tempted to sing along with Emma's brainless song.I had just opened my mouth to start when dad began to speak.

"Well, Ieva honey, you know about my job yes?" he said. Of course I did! My Daddy has the best pub in town. The food was all home-made, obviously, and my Mum helped out with that a lot. Itv was the ultimate hang out area for most of the town and I got all my friends free drinks. So yes, it was pretty much an obviously stupid and pointless question to ask.

  But it seemed Emma was bored with singing tuneless songs. She turned to look at us all, her little six-year-old eyes bright with the excitement of singing. 

"We're moving to England!" she said excitedly. The shock finally registered through my body after a long moment of us all staring in a horrified silence at Emma.



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