A night to remember

When Maggie Speck gets 1d tickets for her birthday she can't be more excited. A meet and greet turns into more then she ever thought. With one boy falling for her a protective brother and a time schedual that won't allow them to be together. Question is will the two survive the world of fame?


1. Birthday

Maggie speck sat on th corner of her pink and blue comforter that she had bought the year before. She looked at her pile of presents on her floor and went to them.

"which one should I open first?" she asked her brother toby. Who was a 17 a year older then her.

"I bought the one with the green wrapping open that last " he smiled and I laughed "okay do I must be something good" I said mysteriously. He nodded.

After some time Maggie got a pocketbook girt cards 3 pairs of jeans 2 shirts 1 sweat shirt a dress and a laptop.

"green present here I come." it was a longish small box. "jewlery?" I eyed it Normally my brother didn't buy me jewlery.

"no!" he smiled I tore the paper, and took off the lid.

"AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs "I can not Bellevue you did that" I hugged him ad sees at my 1d concert ticket! I could not wait to go

So this is my first story and sorry the chap. Is short let me know what u think:)

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