The Time Rune

It's about a boy called Jack, who's parents face a tragic death during the Second Age, in surviving against the invading armies of Zamorak/Bandos and possibly more threats. Saradomin who feels for the boy, realises that he has found an extremely powerful artefact in the hands of Zamorak, and is in fact destined for a phenomenal future, this boy's entire life orbits around something called a 'Time Rune' alongside the 'Stone of Jas' playing pieces of the story, but Jack renames himself, and how a mere man becomes more powerful than a God, and how he chooses to turn into something else entirely.


1. The Time Rune


It was one ordinary typical day for Jack, he was just playing about by himself throwing pebbles on a pond, whilst his parents were off protecting their land from any threat of Zamorakian Forces, let alone those of Bandos. Jack was a very depressed teenage boy, he knew the arts of thievery well, he was very agile well-built and strong, with a fair amount of knowlege about magic, enough to defend himself against a fully-grown warrior. But then an entire army marched towards their cave, where they hid for shelter, and he and his family fled as fast as possible, but his father and mother were barraged with some sort of magic, it turned them into ice, they were stunned, his mother however was a powerful witch, she had just enough power within her to teleport him away from this mess, it was the last of her runes that she had stocked for so long finally coming into use. He ended up in a Guthixian Temple, the boy wasn't faithful to any of the Gods, he hated them all, the Guthixian Monks had raised him up into a full grown man, trying to turn him into their own, but instead when the time was ready, he ran, he had been practising how to fletch arrows long enough, and fight with the sword all in secret, his magic was no good, he had barely learnt anything new with the Guthixian Monks around, he had none to teach him new spells, he was terrible at it now. When he fled, he managed to shoot a Zamorakian Mahjarrats guarding a few hostages right on the hind of his skull with a Bolt, tipped with Dragonite, and wood of a Magic Tree, instantly killing him, and then his accomplice, both all within a split-second. He than stole their equipment, their emergency supplies, and it was enough to survive months, he then freed the prisoners. He managed to steal a plentiful supply of runes, he could now finally train his Magic, he trained and trained, days passed, he was now a standard wizard, but not nearly enough magic to take on another mage, so he kept on relying on his range/melee skill to survive, Saradomin then disguised himself as a Guthixian Priest, preparing to kidnap boy, quickly asked why are you freeing these prisoners, they consist of all of the followers, Saradomin's, Armadyl's and even ours, surely let just ours seek their freedom.  He responded with, I don't do this for the Gods, I do this for mankind, we shouldn't have to suffer their wrath! Saradomin left it there, bidding Jack farewell and walked away. Though he kept a keen eye on him, over time he discovered that he barely ever used magic, but only range/hand-on combat, which he was extremely skillful at, he was even more curious than ever to understand him. He never fought with magic, but practised it a lot, it confused Saradomin, he was far better than the average mage, Saradomin could really use a warrior of that talents he thought to himself, but how would he get him on his side, he knew that he fought for Law and Justice, everything that Saradomin himself stands for. Then the Guthixian Priest announced to Jack that he's in fact a Saradominist Warrior in disguise as a priest (not yet revealing that he's actually Saradomin himself). The warrior says that he has good intention and will teach him the arts of all there is to know to magic himself, and how to make the equipment to produce magic when in short supply. He had become an extremely powerful sorcerer within a matter of weeks. Jack was indebted to him. Then a squadron came one day to invade a Saradominist Temple, coincidently the one that they were now camping at, Saradomin told Jack that he had to go to fight for protection of the temple, but Jack said that he owed him much, The'll help him in the fight. That was the moment he saw Commander Zilyana, an Icyene, he never saw anything like an Icyene before, he was stunned, stiff on the spot, and then a goblin at least 10 feet high smashed her, Jack outraged caused a Saradomin Strike killing thousands in his rage, he only just glanced at her, yet destroyed an army. Saradomin standing confused, even from what he taught him he can't have gained power, only knowlege, spells and tactics, he was even more curious about this boy, is he even human? He then ran away, Zilyana not knowing who her protector was. He ran, he ran and made a quest for himself, he had never done anything this majestic before, he decided to find his home, the home that he used to live in, that's where his mother and father were, he never even thought about burying their bodies, he may not have believed in the Gods, but they did, they were believed in Armadyl. He ran and ran, not eating for weeks, not even knowing he was running so long, without eat/sleep/rest, the was an energy in him, something that nothing else in Gielinor had existed. Upon returning he then saw it, their bodies were frozen, just as they were all those years ago, perfectly preserved, that last look that his mother had given him, that fear that she will not ever see her son again, leaving his fate all to chance, the aggression his father was showing to the enemy, that maul so very close to destroying the skull of his enemy had he had another second to his own. He felt something else though, the closer he got to this place, this part of the house, the stronger he felt, the more complete,he felt that it was underground, so he cast a spell, it burst the ground, and there was a tunnel, he walked within them and it led to a large hall, extremely massive, and in the centre, ther was a orb, the orb appeared as if it was made of rock, it was the Stone of Jas, he touched it, then the link was complete, he had been present within the force of the stone that it become a part of him, but the moment he touched it, it was absolute, a fraction of the power of the stone, had surged into Jack, he had a surge of knowlege even beyond that of what Saradomin had taught him, his body had advanced, he was stronger, more agile, more intellegent, and most of all, more powerful than even a God, and he knew this, he could feel it within himself. He teleported out of the cave, and returned to the Saradominist Temple, where even the warriors mourned their dead, and Zilyana was nowhere to be found, Jack searched the world all within a day, the day after, Zilyana returned, he didn't ask a thing, feeling to shy to even be seen by her (This was when Saradomin had healed Zilyana). But Jack couldn't help but gaze at her, it was no exaggeration that she appeared as an angel to him, those white wings, fair skin, he couldn't look away. The next moment, she was walking to him, he walked away appearing as if he didn't see her, and teleported. He made it his goal to eradicate all the opposing forces, excluding those of Guthix and making no fight against Armadyl. He then destroyed thousands and thousands of warriors every few hours, even when the warriors rested, he did not, as he didn't need to, he was practically a God. But soon he became a legend, everyone knew about him within days, afterall, he wiped out 90% of Zamorak's forces and nearly 100% of Bandos'. They sent many of their finest men on him, yet they all failed, Jack fought vigorously, there was no honour in his fighting, he was cruel when he needed to be, never wasting a single second, just killing every and any Zamorakian/Bandos Warrior instantly, he was the perfect Saradomin warrior. But then Zamorak joined forces with Bandos to find a way of getting rid of this man, they thought about teleporting him, but the magic was too basic to trick him, then hours later, Zamorak found the solution, he had kept a few fragments of the Stone of Jas with him, he fashioned a new type of rune, this was the 'Time Rune' they decide to throw him somewhere else in time, the future, where he said he'd make his forces so powerful then that this man would be nothing compared to all of his power. Jack then arrived in the 5th age, the year 169, after falling for a trap setup by Zamorak himself, underestimating him to be an ordinary soldier. It was then he met an adventurer, who was keen to seek who he was and how he just appeared out of thin air, unlike any teleport looks like, he explained everything, and the adventurer suggested that he met a wise old man, the wise old man had apparantly been saving a few time runes for him, he requested him not to ask him how he got these runes, but told him how to operate them, it had to be done during the 'Ritual of the Mahjarrat,' since it was that ritual that made Zamorak a God by sacrificing Zaros, the previous God of Chaos. It was then that he returned only to become more furious, but he returned even before the first age, witnessing Jas in real life, he kept hidden, he stayed out of trouble from any issues time travel could possibly cause, and as time went by, the very fact that he was getting older gained him even more power and strength, he waited millions of year and sheltered in the Sun, absorbing its strength. He then sensed that he was needed, he flew right into the Earth, and immediately destroyed EVERY SINGLE ONE of Zamorak's soldiers, only to find, they weren't Zamorak's they were Zaros's, and that a few survived in places that hadn't existed before. He weakened Zaros so much that he was only a hundredth of his true power at that time, knowing it was Zamorak who killed him, he did not disturb history, even though he really wanted to, having the wisdom of several million years, he kept out of harm's way. Zamorak then defeated Zaros, Zamorak was then banished. Saradomin then went into war with Zamorak, and mere moments before Guthix woke up, Jack woke up, he spoke to that same Saradominist Warrior questioning how does he still exist, he revealed he was Saradomin, and that he needs Jack to help him, Jack refuses, but the next minute, Guthix woke up, Guthix then abolished Saradomin and Zamorak to another realm, along with all the other Gods, and punished all of their followers with one strike, and every single one were nigh death, Guthix summoned his followers, and went back to sleep. Jack and Saradomin's army were all surrounded, there was one Guthixian soldier in every meter for several kilometers, there were massive Aviansie-like Guthixian creatures flying in the sky similar in arrangement to the knights, all surrounding the Saradominists, knowing that the Saradominists stood not even a fraction of a chance of surviving. But during all that time Jack stood sleeping in the Sun, it had fashioned his clothes into a new kind of armour, changing it completely. It was all white robes, with a hood, all trimmed in gold, and his belt had a pattern, unlike nothing seen before, he even had a golden-trimmed cape, with that same symbol on his belt on his cape, and they both moved, as if ink was moving on paper. He then caused a spell, no spell of this sort had ever been seen before, he held out his right hand, thunder stroke, right onto his hand, as if he was holding a stick, and it formed a lightening bolt, he then threw it back into the sky and lightening struck every single one of the monsters, and the Saradominists were rescued, he then looked at Zilyana, taking of his hood, she recognised him immediately, he was the one who rescued him, Twice! H e then held up his arm like he did with the lightening bolt, but instead he turned into lightening, it was clear that he teleported somewhere. The God Wars were occuring then in the God Wars Dungeon, he wasn't able to enter, since whilst there he was the one who trapped Nex, the Saradominists thought they had did it, but nothing had power over Nex over than Zaros, not even Zamorak had power over Nex, because it was now Jack who had truly attained Zaros' powers, but Zamorak got the remains, his personality, and the rest of the powers, which was utter darkness. Jack renamed himself, calling this new symbol of his the 'Triana.' He couldn't enter since he trapped Nex in a barrier that if he himself entered, he himself then would also be trapped like Nex, within the Ancient Prison. He loved Zilyana, Saradomin was aware of this, and the feelings were mutual, upon creating the barrier, Saradomin managed to telepathically contact him through another plane of reality, he said that Armadyl, Seren, himself and the other Gods are safe together, he cannot locate Zamorak, and Zaros is nowhere to be found, and that Jack still has one day of access to this area, before it becomes a trap for himself too. He then immediately ran into the dungeon, to find that Zilyana almost dead, he then fashioned his armour to match hers and gave it to her, kissed her, and went. She now had the ability to heal from death, fighting endlessly in the God Wars Dungeon, let alone being ageless, but the cold of the dungeon was itself already a strength, and her powers were greatly exaggerated, she was nearly as strong as him now. When the God Wars in the dungeon were over (when they found out it was over, which was several years later), she came out and survived, Jack and her had many adventures, as they were both immortal, but upon her first gaze of him, he turned into an Icyene himself, after that first kiss. He was still almost as powerful as he was before, his heart was now pure, incapable of casting dark magic, only the powers from the Stone of Jas remained with him, Zaros' powers had dissapeared from him, though Guthix had stated that God powers cannot simply dissapear (Zaros is returning...)


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