2. Lunchtime

Sadly, I didn't sit by Sam in English but as soon as I walked out of class...

'Hey, umm.. where do we eat?' Sam asked. We continued walking up the corridor.

'You wanna eat with ME?!' I asked back. He turned and looked at me, his beautiful eyes sparkling in the light leaking through broken shutters.

'Yes, of course, we're friends aren't we?' He replied.

'Yes, yes, I spose we are.' I answered. He smiled at me. HOMYGOSH! CUTE!

' So where do we eat?'

'It's this way, sam.' He Followed me, I wondered down the stairs, through the corridor, turn left, and we met the large dinner queue. He looked at the long queue.

'Oh well, at least I've got you to keep me company.' he said, I blushed. I looked at him, He looked at the ground with a half smile.

'HIYA JESSICA!!!' screamed my best friend, Amy.

'Hey Ams.' I replied, then she noticed Sam, her eyes widened.

'Oh, umm.. sorry if I interupted anything.' Amy said slightly awkwardly.

'No, you didn't, fancy joining us?' Sam said.

'Oh, ok.' Amy said as she stepped into the queue. We waited for 20 minutes and we finally had our food and a table all to ourselves.

'So Sam, where are you from?' asked Amy. Sam turned.

'London.' He said, in the twang that everyone switches to when they say it.

'Cool, why did you move?' Amy pestered on.

'Umm.. getting away from the big city really. It's nicer here, fresher air.' he replied.

'So where abouts do you live?' Amy continued to unfold him.

'Longlove Lane, what about you Jess?' I looked up, I hadn't been paying much attention to be honest.

'Whaaa? Umm.. where did you say you lived?' I realised we lived on the same street, it felt like a very beautiful puzzle fitting together.

'Longlove Lane.' He repeated.

'Me too! Shame I didn't see you on the way.' I looked up smiling.

'Fancy walking with me tomorrow?' he looked right at me, it felt that he was looking deep into my soul, yes it sounds cheesy but it's true.

'Sure, yes, that sounds great.'

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