1. First day I saw him

Normal day, normal school, normal classes but on the day I met Sam something changed.

I walked past him in the corridor and I realised I hadn't seen him before. He must have been new I thought. He had brown, flicky hair he was hot! Most of the boys at my school were ugly so this seemed a really nice change, something to motivate me to come to school.

I had to go to my next class but I was hoping to spy on him at lunch, yes, it sounds stalkerish but every girls done it.

When I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder. I turned.

'Hi, umm... I'm new. Can you help me find M14?' it took a while for me to register the question because yes, I was talking to the most gorgeous boy in the school. you guessed it, the new boy. 'Umm.. can you help or not?' He asked. I came out of my little trance.

'Sorry, yeah, actually my next class is in that room so you wanna come with me?' I answered, butterflies already fluttering their wings in flight.

'Ok, thanks loads. I get lost easy. So are you in all my lessons then?' He said. Oh god he was gorgeous!

'Yeah, yeah it does.' I responded, getting excited. This guy was going to be in all my lessons, I realised I was going to be very distracted!

'Well, can you be my personal guide?' he asked, with a cheeky smile on his face. This made the butterflies explode with excitement.

' Sure.' I smiled at him, I looked into his eyes, green and they almost seem to suck me in.

'Great.' he winked at me. Oh man, my stomach tickled with happiness!

'It's this way.' walking off down the corridor. He followed and it seemed like a whisper as her came up behind me and his breath made me tingle.

'Your really pretty by the way.'

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