Forever Starts Now

A story I wrote hope you like it.


1. Prologue

Nobody loves you

No one cares

"I wish you were never born"

STOP! I scream at the voices. I grip my hand on the balcony rail and look ahead. I remember Luke and the way he held me and protected me from everything, his pretty blonde hair the caring brown eyes that could melt my eyes I love you Luke from the bottom of my heart.

I twist the mood ring on my finger and laugh its red meaning I'm doing something adventurous. I take a deep breath and smell the fresh air mixed with the smell of chips from the local chips store. I remember going there with Luke loads of memories from our first kiss to the day his mother had died. I close my eyes and place my legs out ready to end my life.

When suddenly I am held by arms, I open my eyes and look to see who it was and froze.

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