assassins in the wind

Fyre Hunter wakes up in a dark room, with swords pointed at his throat and no recollection of his life, who is he? How did he get into this situation? How can he get out? And how can he remember? By following the clues, he must uncover the truth and remember his life. The discovery of an ancient beaten diary holds all the answers that he needs, but as he reads on will he want to know how it ends?


2. The resistance

Fyre flipped open the dusty tome to find a blank page. He turned the page, it was blank, nothing was written on any of the pages at all... The obsidian colored book sat like a dead weight in Fyre's hands. He had been so sure, that this was the answer he had been looking for. He felt the cracked book. It didn't have a back cover, it had been ripped off who knows how long ago...Fyre sat, looking at the blank book. It was around five minutes before he felt that he was no longer alone. He stood up slowly. The warm breeze rustled his hair across his face, He took a deep breath and turned around. There was a hooded woman. Stood around half way from him to the bustling streets of Al Kharid. She beckoned for him to follow, turned and ran to the outer limits of the city where she beckoned again for him to pursue her. She then turned and vanished into the streets. A little shocked, Fyre pulled himself together and ran towards the streets he just left. Where was she? The streets were packed full of civilians some carrying jars on their heads, others carrying bags of merchandise and supplies. It was impossible to find the woman. Wait ! A flash of black cloth for a second caught Fyre's eyes. At the end of the street was the woman, Fyre began to sprint ducking and weaving around people being sure not to break anything anybody was carrying, and slid underneath a walking camel to see the woman climbing to the top of the surrounding building.

"wait!!  Stop!" Fyre shouted. The woman continued to elude him over the top of the building's rooftop. Fyre didn't know how to scale buildings... Or did he? He ran over to the nearby palm tree and quick as a monkey swiftly climbed. At the top, he looked behind him, at the ledge took a deep breath and jumped. his fingers locked around the edge of the ledge and he clambered over and began to climb, run and jump across the rooftops after the woman. She was fast... Fyre was having trouble keeping up with her. she moved as if she had spent her whole life bounding around the rooftops. The woman swung on a beam protruding from the side of a building and disappeared around a corner. Fyre followed and saw the hooded figure jumping through an open window of a church. The feeling that seemed to be cropping up more and more lately returned. He had been here before. But when? He jumped through the window to be greeted by three men and the hooded woman. 

"well well well... what do we have here?" Asked the man with the white robes that looked a little worn.

" who are you?" Fyre demanded. 

"It is not who we are, but who you are....Do you remember?" The man responded. 

Fyre's breathed out a sigh. "no..." he solemnly replied.

"then let us show you..." The woman who fyre had chased said. She pulled down her hood to reveal a smooth face and long silky black hair that reached her shoulders. Brilliant ice blue eyes looked at Fyre's face and it was only at this minute that he realised how much of a mess his face was. Bruised and bloodied from the room he awoke in.

"I'm Rose by the way." The woman extended a hand and led Fyre through the decrepit church. The golden sunlight cascaded down through the rafters and created long elegant shadows along the rough stone walls. They reached the end of a seemingly empty hallway. The woman pulled a broken candle stick on the wall. The mechanical sounds of clockwork began ticking from inside the walls.

"brace yourself." Rose warned. 

The floor dropped out from beneath Them both and they fell down into the darkness. Fyre hit the floor and his legs Bent instinctively as his palm hit the cold dark stone, Rose dropped down next to him almost cat like.

"Well, you know how to land, That's a start." She said. She seemed a little sad that Fyre had not landed on  his face. The other two men then dropped down behind Fyre and began to follow towards the light at the end of the hallway. As they entered the circular room, Fyre's eyes had to squint to adjust to the sudden change of darkness. Sat at an old beaten desk was an old man, who's withered bony hands were trying to fix something. 

"Hello Fyre..." He said without looking up. 

Fyre opened his mouth to say something - "i understand your here to find your memory?" The man swiftly interrupted. 

"yes, how did you-" 

"I also understand that you are in possession of a very old diary with no words?" He interrupted again, This time looking at fyre with a steely gaze. 

"yeah. But its useless, just a blank beaten book..." 

"hmm. Perhaps. We shall see, Brim take the book." The old man demanded. The Person clad in grey robes Took the book from Fyre's hands. A brilliant blue light shone around their hands and Brim was thrown against the far wall with a dull thud. The book dropped to fyre's feet. 

A smile cracked across the elder's face sending a sea of wrinkles rippling out around his weathered face. 

"I thought that might happen..." He chuckled as Brim picked himself up off the floor groaning. "yes, I believe that the book is not whole is it now?" he inquired. 

Fyre rolled the book over in his hands. "No the backs missing... How do you know all this?" He asked. 

"only time will tell that my friend now. There is a merchant who goes by the name Ali Morrisane. I believe that he has the back cover to your book. He thinks its an ancient artifact, and is trying to sell it to the varrock museum for a hefty price. Little does he know its just the back of an old tome. And to get it back - we're going to need to steal it since he keeps all his merchandise well under lock and key..." The elder shifted his black sleeves up, opened a draw in his desk and pushed the clutter of small devices and half finished contraptions to one side. he pulled out a feather, some ink and a piece of parchment.

"Here's the plan...."

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