assassins in the wind

Fyre Hunter wakes up in a dark room, with swords pointed at his throat and no recollection of his life, who is he? How did he get into this situation? How can he get out? And how can he remember? By following the clues, he must uncover the truth and remember his life. The discovery of an ancient beaten diary holds all the answers that he needs, but as he reads on will he want to know how it ends?


3. The plan

The moon illuminated the windy desert night. Fyre's hood ruffled across his face as he stood lonesome on the roof of a house overlooking the street. Only a tired and weary merchant was left packing up the remaining goods for the night and locking them all securely away. 

Ali morrisane was just finishing off putting the last of his merchandise in the boxes when he looked up to see the figure of a man standing on the roof of the house across the windswept street. A little taken aback he looked again only to realize that it was just a palm tree behind the roof. 

A noise from a nearby alleyway startled Ali Morrisane back into action. He had bad memories of bandits that roamed the desert sands looking to gain some money from unprotected travelers. He quickly finished packing up his wares and locked them securely. The noises from the alleyway were getting louder now. Fearing the worse, Ali's hand slipped to the dagger concealed within his robes. The sound of pots bieng pushed and baskets being toppled suddenly stopped and nothing but a faint, almost inaudible whistling sound could be heard. Was it the wind? Or something else..? An old man hobbled out of the alleyway. His back was stooped and his gnarled hands clutched a battered and beaten walking stick. Ali relinquished his grip on his hidden dagger, what was this elder going to do? It looked as if his frail body would break if he moved too fast. Ali turned back to his cart and began to lift up the shutters around the top. 

The cold touch of a steel knife pressed against Ali's neck. It was the old man. How had he moved so fast and how did he manage to be so quiet?

"my good sir if you would kindly unlock the shutters around the cart." 

Ali gulped and felt the steel press into his adam's apple. His hands shaking, he slid the keys into each of the four locks and opened up the stall once again.

"now - Hold up the key." The old man said calmly. 

Ali reached into his robes and pulled out a silver key that glinted in the moonlight.

"here - Don't hurt me." He pleaded holding the key up for the man to take. 

"open the box directly in the middle." The old man demanded. Ali cautiously opened the box to reveal a tray full of small gems. 

"take them all, please just do not hurt me." The merchant pleaded. 

"The bottom ,Open the bottom of the box." 

"I-I dont know what you mean." Ali responded.

The knife pushed harder into Ali's neck and a bead of crimson blood ran down his skin.

*gah!* "Okay okay!" He pulled a concealed string, a small click was heard and then lifted the shelf up to reveal the cracked and dusty ripped cover.

"thank you sir." said the old man pulling the knife away and retreating. Ali ripped out his knife and spun around to face the elder. he was nowhere to be seen. Only a faint whistle riding on the cool breeze was heard, a thud and then silence as Ali Morrisane dropped unconscious to the sandy floor. Ali's eyes flickered feebly shut, the last thing he saw was an old man sheathing a  knife and a pair of worn out boots walking towards him before he fell into a deep sleep. 

"i think you hit him a little too hard..." said Rose anxiously, lifting the fat merchants eyelids.

"he'll be fine" snapped the elder. "Fyre - Take the cover." 

Fyre hopped down from the roof of the nearby house roof and took the delicate cover from the bottom of the box. 

"Rose, Do you have the toxin?" Elder asked. 

"of couse"she replied pulling out a blue vial. She Poured it on a small cloth rag and held it up against Ali Morrisane's mouth and nose.

"don't worry, It's extracted from the alaka cactus, it shocks the brain and causes memory loss. Our tubby friend here wont remember a thing." Elder explained. "now then Fyre, I believe you needed to make something whole again?"

Fyre put the two pieces of the ancient tome together and instantly ink began to explode on the pages, forming thin spidery writing. The book snapped shut and began to emit a blue light. It lifted a few centimeters out of Fyre's hands and then dropped back down into his palms like a dead weight. 

"open it..." said rose.

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