assassins in the wind

Fyre Hunter wakes up in a dark room, with swords pointed at his throat and no recollection of his life, who is he? How did he get into this situation? How can he get out? And how can he remember? By following the clues, he must uncover the truth and remember his life. The discovery of an ancient beaten diary holds all the answers that he needs, but as he reads on will he want to know how it ends?


5. revelations

As the twilight sky set over The desert town the five hooded figures climbed the rooftops towards the ally where the solitary boulder resided. One by one the dropped down into the hole, and began to walk through the narrow passageway. Fyre reached the end and pushed on the flat wall that was at the end of the tunnel and it swung open behind a concave indent in the wall behind a tapestry. The sound of marching footsteps approached. The ground let them pass then silently knocked them out one by one and placed them in suits of ornate Armour on display in the hallway. whimpering and the occasional Shouts of pain and anger broke out and echoed down the hall. They swiftly moved on, silencing any footsteps that proceeded around corners, or out of doors until they reached a black mahogany door. noiselessly they opened the door, pulled a crossbow out and shot the captain in the heart as his cold grey eyes looked upon them in shock. His knees gave way beneath him and he slumped over sideways. The Book in fyre's pocket began to glow a brilliant blue and everybody around him collapsed onto the floor, unconscious. Everybody...except for Elder. 

"Well done Fyre..." He said slowly. 

"whats happening? Why are the others unconscious?" Fyre asked. 

"because This was not supposed to happen. They are simply readjusting to the new circumstances." Elder replied. 

"Not supposed to happen wh-what?" Fyre stammered. 

"My friend I must be leaving now, but im sure you and I will meet again, very soon. Oh and finish the book." Elder said walking away from fyre, admiring a painting.

Fyre looked down at the book in his hands, the luminescent blue glow slowly faded and the pages opened. Fyre began to read. He read how after opening the doors to the guard captains room, It was empty. The captain had foreseen an ambush and fled to the safety of his guards room. Whereupon the five were taken by surprise as the room swarmed with guards, each one pointing a sword to the assassins throats. The were all killed in the ensuing fight. All except for Fyre who fled. After reaching safety a Green light shattered into existence and a small woman with waist length silky jet black hair and huge eyes dropped to the ground in front of him. She explained that she was the oracle and that the captain had to die. She cast a spell on Fyre which sent him back fifty years to where it all started. Fyre read how Elder had built the tunnel to the palace and set up the resistance, how he had recruited Brim, rose and Synth. How He Hid The battered and broken diary under the cactus. Watched as the time effect erased his own memory and watched as himself escaped from the cold clutches of the captain. 

"And it is me that ensured that this time, The captain would be in his room. I got a thief to be captured, and The captain - cruel as he is should be torturing him. This time we would all survive. This time the captain will die and Al Kharid we be free from his dictatorship. This will all make sense to you soon Fyre, however my time is short. Since i have changed the events of the past I will no longer exist... I wish you luck, and may you keep your friends close.... It took a long time to save them... even if they do not know it." 

Fyre looked towards the frail old man before him. Elder lifted the sleeved of his robes to reveal a spiral scar that went from his forearm to his neck. The very same fresh cut that Fyre had received only a week ago from the now dead captain. 

A tear rolled down the old mans cheek as he slowly glowed a blue light then crumpled into nothingness.

Al kharid was safe, and everybody was alive...

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