The Other Side

Grieving for the recent death of her parents, 17 year old Simran flees from place haunted with memories to seek the comfort of whom she calls family. But death is closely following her, she is the last one left- who wants her dead? The truth is far beyond her wildest imagination...


2. Prologue

Athos Hospital 12pm 2013


Embraced in timeless darkness, silent blind tears fell. The endless drumming pounding in my ears. Sometimes laughter, sometimes cries, pierced the eerie silence stalking me in my sleepless nights. The stench of mildew hung thickly in the air, choking me.

So cold.

As cold as a morgue filled with iced flesh. I shivered against it grabbing my grey linen gown closer. I crouched in the corner watching the black walls close into me, enclosing me in the endless obscure pit.

Flood of memories drowned me, flashing images that stole my breath. The cloudy visions stung me like nettles massaged on my scalp. I shook my head. "No", I tell them, "leave me alone! No! No! It isn't me!NO!" Imprisoned behind the grey bars of the cell, my whimpers were lost .....

A single light bulb abseiled from the ceiling. Spitting sparks at me. Swinging like the tail of a clock in the non-existent breeze.

Tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock

And passively the light flickered and died.

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