The Other Side

Grieving for the recent death of her parents, 17 year old Simran flees from place haunted with memories to seek the comfort of whom she calls family. But death is closely following her, she is the last one left- who wants her dead? The truth is far beyond her wildest imagination...


1. News Flash

Another Victim of Gang Crime in London

Sumi's body was found yesterday within her school premises. The police suspect that this fourteen-year-old is a victim of street crime.

After Sumi's disappearance last week, the police had considered this to be a case of kidnapping. However, receiving no calls for ransom, Sumi's parents had put up a large sum of money to return their daughter.

Sumi's body was recovered from her schools recycling bin yesterday. Police have confirmed that this is a planned murder after receiving postmortem reports that Sumi died under several stab wounds. The knife that seems to have been used is a commom butcher knife which the police have used to conclude that the murderer 'could be anyone'. Also these stab wounds were of similar style to other victims of knife crime which leads to their theory that her death may be due to gang involvement. Mr and Mrs Decanto refuse to believe this under the firm belief that their daughter was a quiet, obedient child who had little to do with illegal activities.

Sumi's friend said "Sumi was really popular at school, we'll all miss her."

Her thirteen-year-old sister said, "She was really nice. I can't imagine anyone would want to hurt her."

Mr and Mrs. Decanto have revealed that they will be appealing to court to find the murderer and bring them to justice. "It won't bring our Sumi back but it's the least we can do for her", sobbed Mrs. Decano at the Press Conference today.

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