Myself and Enemy

You asked for more, and so I did. Depicted as cat this time. Blood and stuff! Be warned.


1. Myself and Enemy


The coldness of the dark room surprises me as I scan my surroundings. My breathing is harsh and ragged as I drag myself across the black floor. My claws desperately scraping the floor as I struggle to gain my balance. Slowly but surely, I stagger to my paws. I barely feel the pain in my hind legs as I put weight on them. The numbness is welcome, but still not enough as I clamp my teeth together and let out a small moan of pain. The sound echoes around the dark empty room. The coldness I feel is nothing compared to the ice in my veins as I spot a pair of eyes. Amber. Cold, angry and mad. Slowly a shape starts to form. A coal black cat is standing a few feet from me, snarling and hissing. I stand frozen before the beast. It leaps, claws outstretched. It lands a swipe on my shoulder. Claws as sharp as needles pierce my shoulder and blood wells from the open wound. Quickly and gracefully, it jumps back and stares at me with a calm and collected look in those amber eyes. Fury claims my body and mind. I hiss and struggle forward as I stagger across to reach my enemy. Fury lights my eyes as I reach the black cat. It is waiting for me. To make my move. Teeth embeds themselves into the flesh of my opponent. Crimson liquid hits my furred face as my teeth is driven further and further down as the cat struggles. The cat wails and struggles to be free of my grasp, but I refuse to let go. Not now, not never. Claws frantically scrapes my white-brown tabby fur, leaving scratches all over my coat. But I don't care. The pain I feel is nothing compared to what I have felt over the years. The suffering and helplessness I have felt so many times, is slowly vanishing as I am finally able to fight my invisible enemy. I feel the lack of air in my lungs, but I have yet to let go. The burning in my chest is ignored as I flail my claws across my opponent. Fur, blood and loose skin is getting stuck between my aching claws, but the wail of pain that erupts from the black cat is more than enough satisfaction for me. I feel the shape slowly melting away in my grasp. The black form no longer a distinguished shape. I keep my eyes glued to the black floor where my worst enemy had just disappeared. Enemy. Opponent. Nemesis. Sickness. I knew that what had happened had only been done in my mind. The dark room and the black cat nothing more than my imagination. But for now I am satisfied. For the fight is unfair. Never shall I kill it and never shall it kill me. My painful arthritis. My Sickness. My Enemy. Myself.

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