The Hatred to His Love

Merlin was a young sorcerer, working as a servant of Prince Arthur and living with the Court Physician, Gaius. But his destiny was to help the Prince return Magic to the Kingdom; without getting himself killed for being a sorcerer that is. Morgana was the King's ward and she too wanted to bring back magic into Camelot. But her hatred for the magic-hating King had pushed her towards dark arts. Though their goal was the same, can their paths ever meet? Read more to find out. :)


8. Treason and poison

“What has happened to everybody Morgana” Arthur asked his step sister.

“I don’t know Arthur; everybody in town just fell asleep, except for me. I don’t know what happened here.” She looked exactly the right amount of terrified. Her voice was trembling enough for Arthur not to question her further. He hurried forward to find his father. But Merlin kept eyeing her. Uncomfortable by his gaze, she turns to follow Arthur. But Arthur was busy closing his eyes for a minute. The disease was spreading and Merlin had more important things than Morgana at the moment

“Arthur! Wake up your Royal Pratness. You have to find your father.” Merlin had to slap Arthur hard on his cheeks before he woke up.

“Ouch! MERLIN!! That hurt!”

“Sorry, you were not waking up and we need you to stay awake. You can hit me if I fall asleep.” Merlin said and started to move away, in search of the King. Arthur was bewildered by his servant’s determination.

“Who are you and what happened to my gawky, lazy servant?” Arthur asked but Merlin just ignored him.

 “Arthur, maybe I should go read if there is a cure for this disease in one of Gaius’s book. Even if we find the king otherwise, we may not be able to save him long.” Merlin suggested to Arthur after a few minutes of search, and for once he agreed at once.

Merlin knew exactly what magic was at work here. He had read about it in Gaius’s books the once, while he was searching it for something else.

Morgana was the vessel for the sickness. That was why it hadn’t affected her as it affected others; affected Arthur and him. The only cure was her death. He had tried hard not to let her feel lonely, not to lose her inner goodness, yet she threw it all. She gave up hope on Uther and Arthur. She gave in to the shallow images of sisterhood that Morgause had projected. She became even worse than all that; became a woman who could hurt her own people to reach her goals. She had disappointed him.

He grabbed a bottle of poison from Gaius’s cupboard and rushed to Arthur’s side. Grabbing a moment he poured the poison into the water pouch that Morgana held, knowing she would drink from it sometime soon.

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