The Hatred to His Love

Merlin was a young sorcerer, working as a servant of Prince Arthur and living with the Court Physician, Gaius. But his destiny was to help the Prince return Magic to the Kingdom; without getting himself killed for being a sorcerer that is. Morgana was the King's ward and she too wanted to bring back magic into Camelot. But her hatred for the magic-hating King had pushed her towards dark arts. Though their goal was the same, can their paths ever meet? Read more to find out. :)


10. The start of a new begining

Merlin sat staring at the dying fire for what seemed like an eternity. He still wasn’t sure what to do now. His magic was no longer a secret. Morgana and Morgause knew of it. Should he tell Arthur? Was the prince ready to accept it yet? Merlin seemed to be having lots of questions lately. If one is answered a thousand more crop up in its place.

Suddenly the silent woods were filled with the sound of hooves.

“Here they are” shrieked Morgause. “Get them.”

“Sister stop! Don’t harm them.” But it was too late. One of her men had already shot his arrows at Arthur, hitting him on his head; he was fast losing consciousness.

“You dare take my sister, you filthy Pendragon! I shall kill you all!” she raged. “And you traitor! You shall have the worst death in all of history. That should be a lesson to all those with treachery in their hearts.” She edged closer to Merlin, but this time Morgana was quicker. She stood between Morgause and him, blocking her sister’s path.

“What are you doing Morgana? He is a traitor remember? He has been gifted by the gods and he chose to watch his people burn to death; don’t you want to see him dead too?”

“No Morgause. He has fought for our people from the inside. The only ones who died are the ones he couldn’t save or those who deserve to die.” She pleaded.

“Did he tell you that? Are you that naïve to believe him sister? He used you as leverage in order to get a hold over me. HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN THAT?” Morgause yelled.

“NO! Even now you lie to me sister. He was not the one who used me. YOU DID! I would never have agreed to be used as a vessel for spreading the sickness among my people. You knew that and you drugged me; so I wouldn’t know what you did to me.” Morgana’s reply had stunned Morgause.

“LIES, LIES, ALL LIES! You believe him over your own sister? Your own blood? Then you are not any better than them.” She lunged forward with her sword and Morgana ducked but Merlin, who was just behind her, didn’t. The sword plunged into his stomach and blood oozed for the torn tissues and gut. Morgause stood there, smiling like a wild cat.

“NEVER! HARM! HIM! EVER! AGAIN!” Morgana yelled, punctuating each word with a blast of magic, hitting her sister squarely of her chest and throwing her off balance. Then rushed to Merlin’s side. Arthur too got up then, finally, able to stop his head from spinning. He saw her, bent over him and waving her hand above his wound.

“You can save him?”

“I can try to heal him enough so we can get him to Gaius.” When Arthur raised his brows skeptically, she added “I’m not so good in healing magic. All I learnt was meant to wound rather than heal.” She said staring at the ground.

“It doesn’t matter. Thank you. You saved our lives tonight.” And he gave her a small smile. It was not an act of trust. But at least he was willing to give her the benefit of doubt. She was grateful.


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