The Hatred to His Love

Merlin was a young sorcerer, working as a servant of Prince Arthur and living with the Court Physician, Gaius. But his destiny was to help the Prince return Magic to the Kingdom; without getting himself killed for being a sorcerer that is. Morgana was the King's ward and she too wanted to bring back magic into Camelot. But her hatred for the magic-hating King had pushed her towards dark arts. Though their goal was the same, can their paths ever meet? Read more to find out. :)


3. The Spell and The Kiss

This time Merlin woke to the rays of light falling on him. Coloured candles were lit all around him and he was lying on the centre of a five cornered star drawn on the floor, still covered in filth.

“Awaken my dear. It’s time for the last part of the spell.” Morgana flashed a sweet smile and Merlin felt the pang of longing. Once she had been a woman every one admired and envied. Being the King’s ward and more beautiful than most woman, she had millions of suitors. Merlin too wished for her love. But she had had not only beauty but also magic. It tore her apart to watch people like her executed for no apparent reason. That was what had turned her love for her King into hatred. Her innate goodness had dissolved when she turned to dark magic to aid her schemes.

“If you won’t join me willingly I’ll just have to force you.” Barring her perfect teeth she set about coming towards him with full confidence.

“Don’t be so sure. I’m more powerful than I look.” He was not sure what she was going to do. But magic could not hurt him. He was born with magic. In his blood ran the Old religion itself.

“Let’s run a test then, shall we.” And she put her lips on his and kissed him. Desire filled him, yet he controlled himself. But it was necessary that the subject loved the sorceress at least a little and Morgana knew that he loved her lot more than that. So she increased the intensity and kissed more deeply, rewarded when she heard him groan and surrender to her.

But it was she who was lost. Lost in his memories. The kiss had not only given her access to his mouth, but also his memories.

His past years and his feeling poured into her and now filled her eyes.

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