The Hatred to His Love

Merlin was a young sorcerer, working as a servant of Prince Arthur and living with the Court Physician, Gaius. But his destiny was to help the Prince return Magic to the Kingdom; without getting himself killed for being a sorcerer that is. Morgana was the King's ward and she too wanted to bring back magic into Camelot. But her hatred for the magic-hating King had pushed her towards dark arts. Though their goal was the same, can their paths ever meet? Read more to find out. :)


7. The cryptic and a wrong promise

“You called me, young warlock?” Kilgharrah questioned in his deep, slightly mocking tone. He and Merlin had not parted on friendly terms and neither had any wish to set sight on each other ever after. Fate has a perverted sense of humor though, so here they were.

“I need you to tell me, if the Lady Morgana has magic. Is she a sorceress?”

“And why must I tell you that, young warlock? Why must I help you? You made it clear you do not have faith in me.” Clearly the dragon was not above keeping grudges.

“With good reason. You tried to destroy the whole of Camelot when I freed you. All those days you had me thinking you were helping me, when all you were really doing was plotting your own petty revenge.” Merlin’s eyes saddened with the memory of the Dragon’s treachery.

“I’m sorry Merlin. I truly am.” The dragon hung its head in shame. Merlin could quite understand the Dragon’s anger. All his race had been killed and himself been locked up in an underground cave, was more than what even the proud dragons could stand. So he supposed he could forgive it. Besides, dragonlords and dragons were said to be brothers, bound deep magic of the Old religion.

“I forgive you. Now tell me what you know about Morgana being a sorceress.”

“She is more than just a sorceress, Merlin. She is the one professed to bring you down. She would be the darkness to your light and the hatred to your love. Stay away from that Witch, young warlock.”

“Don’t call her that! She is not a bad person Kilgharrah. She just needs help.”

“Heed my words Merlin.” He then flew away leaving behind a very frustrated Merlin, screaming at the sky.


“Merlin, Morgana should never know she has magic.” Gaius was convinced that it was better if Morgana didn’t know that her nightmares were visions of the future. He wanted to protect her from Uther’s wrath; and believed the only way for that is for her to know as less as possible about these ‘nightmares’ of hers. But I had a feeling that she suspected.

“Merlin, swear you’ll never tell her.”

“Gaius, I’m not sure-”

“Please Merlin.” That did it for him. Merlin’s guardian had never pleaded him for anything before. He has also been right on more than occasion. The dragon’s warning too flashed on his mind. He just hoped that this doesn’t prove to be an exemption.

“Alright, I promise.”

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