The Hatred to His Love

Merlin was a young sorcerer, working as a servant of Prince Arthur and living with the Court Physician, Gaius. But his destiny was to help the Prince return Magic to the Kingdom; without getting himself killed for being a sorcerer that is. Morgana was the King's ward and she too wanted to bring back magic into Camelot. But her hatred for the magic-hating King had pushed her towards dark arts. Though their goal was the same, can their paths ever meet? Read more to find out. :)


2. Captive


Merlin awoke on the cold, filthy floor covered in sweat. His nightmares had been haunting him every since he was brought here. It has been three days since he had set out of Camelot. He had been following the sorceress Morgause since he spotted her lurking near Camelot’s border.

Arthur would kill him if he ever came to know he had fallen for such an obvious trap. The hours the prince had spent teaching Merlin on the subtle art of tracking and shadowing had all been completely lost on him.

He had, in his naivety, thought that Morgause leaving Camelot exactly at the moment he saw her had been just a coincidence. But it had been a trap. A trap to lead him to this hut. But for what?

 “Ah having nightmares are you? Well, finally we have something in common”

A woman had entered the hut. Her black gown made her pale white skin look sickly and her thin lips wearing an evil smile that turned her beautiful face into dangerous. But Merlin just gave her a sad smile.

“Good to see you Morgana. I see you have not been doing good.” His sarcasm was not lost on Morgana. Her fake smile vanished at once.

“Clearly we no longer have the same idea of what is good. You are a traitor. You have magic yet you side with Uther. You have thwarted my plans more than once. I should kill you for such a treachery.”

“Yet, you are not going to; am I right? So what’s the plan?” His casual voice betrayed the turmoil in him. Morgana was right, he had saved Uther Pendragon many time in the past years. But it was because his destiny was tied to Arthur, who was not yet ready to be King. Though Arthur was professed to bring Magic back to the kingdom, he had only seen sorcerers plotting to bring him and his father down. He still had to trust that magic can be used for good. Till that happened it had been safe to let Uther be the king. He, though crazy when it comes to magic, was actually a fair and just king to others. Better than the likes of King Cenred and Morgause.

“The plan is you get back on our side and we bring Uther down together.” Merlin had to smile at that. Did Morgana really think that he would waste all those years he spent saving the kings backside only to kill him now?

But Morgana mistook his reaction to be one of surrender and acceptance.

“So you agree then. That’s good. You’ve made it a lot less hassle. Morgause had thought it might be trouble convincing you.” She had her smug smile on but didn’t last a second.

“I didn’t agree Morgana. I was merely amused by your sense of logic.”She scowled at him and barked out.

“You think Uther is going to welcome you open armed when he knows you have used magic and saved his life. Your head would be chopped before you could take your next breath.” She spat. “And Arthur will stand by and watch.”

“That might be the case now, but Arthur is destined for greatness and my place is beside him. Nowhere else.”

“Then there is nothing else to say.” Morgana muttered a swift spell and before he knew it Merlin’s head drooped in slumber.

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