New Girl

"dad seriously? when are we going to stop moving around everywhere?"...

Jessica hart the new girl at Fairfield high school finds herself being an outsider working her way to the top in a new school with different rules. faced with new challenges, boys and even a little violence how will jess survive a few months in this new school and in the end.. will she even want to leave when the time comes?.


11. "TRY and persuade me"

Chapter eleven...

Breathing heavily, my mind clouded with thoughts. I desperately shook my head focusing on the heavy object I was lifting above me.

Sighing as I placed the weight down onto the holder, sitting up my palms splayed across my knees as I drew in my breath. I was still in the gym most of the girls had taken up the showers so guess who was still waiting for a chance to get in?. Me.

"What are you still doing here?" My ears perked up as a familiar voice rung in my ears.

Glancing upwards at the person in front of me a meek smile on my face. "urm... Just hanging out with the weights" sarcasm laced with every word, looking up at noah's confused face as I re-phrased what I meant to say. "urr, the showers are all taken so."squinting up at him as the light took its toll on my eyes, I stood up a few distances between the two of us.

The soundo f showers splashing down filled the air as noah began to speak. "So congratulations on getting on the team, I know we didn't start of very great but.. I presume your planning to celebrate?" He spoke clearly.

"yeah?.. And?. " I was still not picking up on what he was suggesting.

"Well there's a party tonight.." I was confused as to what he was saying the only party I knew that was being held tonight was- but what?. "Who's party?" I stared back at him, arms crossed as I waited.

"Okay its vanessa's... But you should come anyway it'll be fun.." I rolled my eyes at the name he spoke of leaning down against the metal bar behind me, before I could speak vanessa came striding out a towel wrapped around her body and one around her hair.

I scoffed, standing up straight as she made her way towards the two of us. "Sorry, but I can't tonight I have other plans next time maybe" I replied staring at them both. "Its fine, it probably wouldn't have been your thing anyway" I turned to face vanessa a fake smile plastered across my face as I stood forwards a few centimetres away from her. "nah, I got better things to do then get drunk with weirdo's. No offence"

A grin stretched across my face. I watched as she skulked towards the dressing rooms to get changed. Using this silence to grab my towel and wash bag. "I'm gonna go, you should reconsider" his voice rang out turning around I nodded, waving my hand dismissively as I walked into the shower room.



the hot water poured over me covering me with warmth as I cleansed my body, smiling upwards shutting my eyes closed as I let the water pour over my face.

My thoughts clearing completely as I finished up my shower, pressing the button to turn the shower off I wrapped a towel around my body letting my hair sprawl across my back as I stepped out onto the tiled floor wiping off the residue of water off my body as I walked back towards the changing room opening up my locker I reached in roping my fingers around the edge of my jeans pulling it out towards me placing it up over my underwear buttoning it up I reached in again placing my towel down as I pulled out my grey bra placing it on hooking it up behind me pulling out my black vest top.

I shuffled slowly into my boots standing up straight as I did so, leaning slightly forwards as I placed my kit back into my bag slinging it over my shoulder.

The sound of showers being turned off as the rest of the girls came out into the changing room filled the air. Fishing into my pocket as I looked for my phone, my fingers wrapping against the cover as I pulled it out the sound of my keys moving as I did so.

Quickly unlocking it a little envelope symbol popping up indicating that I had a new text message I clicked onto it, it read:

Your dream guy : You sure you won't change your mind?, I'm very persuasive.

I stared blank faced for a second thinking, I didn't have anyone registered on my contacts with that name. Smirking slightly before typing in a response:

Me: noah. Well I love a challenge, you have this whole day to TRY and persuade me.

Your dream guy: how did you know it was me?

I shrugged slightly knowing he couldn't see me, taking small strides so I could still type and walk.

Me: well I sorta figured no one but you are so full of yourself to put your name as 'your dream guy'. Btw how did you manage to put your number into my phone?

Having figured that the name 'your dream guy' was annoying me I thought I'd give him the courtesy to let him stay in my contacts.

Noah: I have my ways.

Me: you put it in when I went into the shower didn't you?

Staring blankly at the screen knowing full well that at this time he had the advantage.

Noah: well if you want to put it like that.

I was now aware of where I was walking to, glancing upwards away from the bright light of my phone I was on the oval track outside.

Narrowing my eyes, as I placed a hand above them shielding them of the sun as I looked out. My eyes stopping at the bleachers bench noticing a few figures sat on it. The muscular build and rowdy laughter made me aware that it was the jocks. I hastily put my phone back into my spacious back pocket, as I made my way towards the benches.

Slowly bobbing past the group of teachers who had gathered for a 'talk' no doubt they were discussing the fact that we cheerleaders just spent ridiculous amounts of money organising a party. Unluckily for them we were actually sorting out a prank night. That's when the jocks and cheerleaders team up to absolutely trash the school before it opens. Believe it or not it happens to be a popular thing around here.

Looking up once more as I had reached the bleachers. Hugging my arms as I stood right in front of the boys. Smirking slightly as noah repositioned himself on the bench, his over the top coolness earning a scoff.

The boys eyes focused of noah as he made the first attempt to start a conversation,

"So.. You just couldn't stay away could you?" Rolling my eyes at his cockiness I shook my head curving my lips as I replied back.. "Urgh, cocky much?" I replied, smirk still placed as I took a seat on the bench front leaned forwards. "You know you like me" "Oh really?, is that why you had to put your number into my phone when I wasn't looking?. Didn't your mother ever teach you not to snoop?" His grin getting bigger as he scoffed, shrugging his tensed shoulders.

"so when do I pick you up for tonight?" immediately I picked up on what he was talking about, wow was this guy cocky or what.

"what makes you think I've decided to go with you?. or even go at all?" smirking slightly "well I thought once you saw me again you'd change your mind, that has been proven to work.." I couldn't help but groan inwardly dirty pig. "well, I think the deafening wails of a cheerleader has made you deaf Noah" smiling with fake sympathy.. wait hang on this could totally backfire on me, I clenched my eyes shut praying he didn't pick up on what I said.

"your a cheerleader, and I do believe we haven't gone that far.. yet" I sighed out, wow things do have a way of backfiring on me, he is such an asshole. at this point I knew that this was going to be a really long day.


A/N: so so so so so sorry for the huge long time I took, I just came back from holiday recently and throughout the time I've been too busy with school and when I did come back I saw that people were still reading this novel so I thought that i'd best not let any of you down. so here you go chapter 11 its more of a filler than anything but I promise that I will be starting chapter 12 real soon.

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