New Girl

"dad seriously? when are we going to stop moving around everywhere?"...

Jessica hart the new girl at Fairfield high school finds herself being an outsider working her way to the top in a new school with different rules. faced with new challenges, boys and even a little violence how will jess survive a few months in this new school and in the end.. will she even want to leave when the time comes?.


6. Trouble.

Chapter six...

Duke's P.O.V

I was sat on my bench in english, but surprisingly vanessa and jess were no where to be seen. The english class was begining to fill up.

I looked around hoping to catch them but they didnt enter the class.

This was weird, Jess had to attend this class and so did Vanessa so where were they?.

I then realised something else, Leah wasnt here, what did this mean?. As the teacher made her way to the front of the class, i took this time to shuffle into my bag my hand rummaging around the crowded space to grab my phone i quickly pulled it out unlocking it i scrolled through my list of contacts till i found vanessa's picture, a little smile spread across my face.

I knew that Vanessa never responded to text messages only calls.. So i needed an excuse to be able to get out of the class.

This was not going to be easy. Miss Bennet was the strictest literacy teacher or so i've heard. She was also the teacher all the boys had a crush on. She would never let anyone off easily. I was in deep thinking mode, when suddenly the idea came to me.

This was her second day at our school i could always help her out.

Before i could do anything else i placed my phone into my jean pocket raising my hand. She looked over at me nodding for me to speak.

" Miss, we need the new literacy books" i stated looking directly at her as i spoke. she shuffled around looking for the books on her desk. She looked up, placing her glasses onto her head before smiling as she said...

"Yes, we do. Would you please get some new ones from the store room" I nodded taking my chance to leave.

I walked cautiously towards the toilets, this school was patrolled by teachers during classes on look out for students who were skipping lessons.

I walked in the toilets were pretty huge, pulling out my phone once more i paced around the room as i clicked on Vanessa's number placing the phone onto my ear.

I spoke clearly and quietly as i said. "V, where are you?. You know you'll get into trouble for skipping class. Is Jessica with you?. Or leah?" I heard a quiet muffled noise in the background straining my ears to try and hear. I heard her breath in, she sounded out of breath as she replied " yeah.. um. Just still in cheerleading" i heard her walk around before i said " jessica and leah there with you?" I heard her scoff before replying "urm.. Jessica no. Leah yeah." I was surprised why wouldnt jessica be there too?,. Before i could say anything i heard vanessa's voice coming on again "listen, baby.. I have to go now. Speak to you later. Bye" She hung up. Where was jessica?.

i placed my phone back into my pocket a sense of worry washing over me, if Jessica wasn't with Vanessa, then were would she be? i shrugged the thought off. quickly walking out of the bathroom i walked towards the store cupboard to get the books.


Jess's P.O.V

"ugh, arrgh... what the hell?" i wailed

my whole body ached and throbbed as i tried to move. The metallic taste of blood lingered in my mouth.

Pounding like a determined drumbeat, my head felt heavy and sore. Slowly, i opened my mouth to speak but my throat failed me and i only managed to utter inaudibly.

fuzzy images and flashbacks whirred around my head, and only one thought crossed my mind where am i?and where is Vanessa?. before i could do anything else i heard the door unlocking...


Duke's P.O.V

i swiped the card over the receiver, the door unlocking i slowly pushed it to one side stepping in. i stood shocked to see a shaking Jess stood in the corner, a little cut on her eyebrow and bottom lip.

"d-d-duke?.." she breathed out heavily before her knees gave out. 

I rushed towards her, her body lying limply against my arms i lifted her up placing her hand around my neck  i held on tightly onto that hand placing my other behind her waist. i walked out of the store cupboard her head lying limply on end as i carried on walking towards the nurse's office.

I felt her head lift up, her arm going loose as she said "wait.. this.. isn't.. the way.. to class" i stopped feeling her feet dragging on the ground as she stayed in one spot i turned to face her, her eyes were washed with tears as i said "well done genius were not going to class, i'm taking you to the nurse". i carried on walking the nurse's office was round the corner.

She slowly removed her arm from my neck standing up, her eyes looked tired yet she managed to look full of life. i kept my arm firmly around her waist as she said. "i don't need the nurse i'm fine see.." she removed my hand standing lifelessly up as she tried to prove her point, i crossed my arms around my chest staring smugly at her as i said. "walk". she raised an eyebrow sighing she took her first step, only to fall onto the ground i bent down besides her lifting her up. not saying a word. as i took her towards the nurse's office, the door was white with a little red cross on it i pushed it open walking in...

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