New Girl

"dad seriously? when are we going to stop moving around everywhere?"...

Jessica hart the new girl at Fairfield high school finds herself being an outsider working her way to the top in a new school with different rules. faced with new challenges, boys and even a little violence how will jess survive a few months in this new school and in the end.. will she even want to leave when the time comes?.


2. Tour guide.

Chapter two...

[fact file]

Duke Adams: 17 years old, brown hair, brown eyes, mr.popular, nicknamed: dukes.

Vanessa Blake: 17 years old, blonde hair, brown eyes, miss.popular, queen gossip girl, nicknamed: V or nessa


Jess's P.O.V


I arrived at the gates of the school, studying this new environment i decided to take mental notes as i passed through the entrance.

Making note of all the people to stay away from and the people i should not be talking or getting involved with.

I walked down the hall way, my boots echoing behind me, i shouldn't not have worn them for today this school seemed quiet. I couldn't help but wonder if they were staring at me, maybe?.

I turned around my mouth dropping slightly as i caught the eye of the one and only duke adams, the schools hot star forward and mr popular. He winked playfully at the passers by looking me up and down i raised an eye brow he walked up to me his eyes a curious and shock to them as if he was wondering why i wasn't desperately falling tragically at his feet.

I chuckled to my self shaking me head.

He coughed gaining my attention, he placed his hand out his arms looked strong, i hated when i felt weak at the sight of gorgeous boys i promised myself i was only going to keep myself to myself if i was to make it out of this school alive.

" Hi... Im duke.. You must be jessica?"

I nodded muttering a sarcastic remark under my breath rolling my eyes mentally. This day was dragging what did he want?.

" Im student body president and the quarter back of the schools team....."  

What did he want a congratulations?, unfortunately he wasn't finished he obviously realised I wasn't that interested.

"... And I'm also your tour guide for this week "

He stood there waiting for my response.

I winced. Muttering to my self before I gave him a fake smile I was pretty sure he knew it wasn't fake.

Well until he told me.

I looked around our conversation seemed to be attracting crowds. Everyone stepped immediately to one side my stomach started churning I knew it wasn't the coffee this was something else.

The noise of high heels echoed through the hall way perfume filling the air. Damn why did my first days end up like this?.

The hottest guy shows up, so does his girlfriend accusations passing around and I would leave a few months later I was pretty sure my dad's job kept me safe.

I turned around to find a girl about my height a few inches added because of her heels her piercing brown eyes stood out as her sandy hair framed her face. Her body seemed to have been shoved into a tight mini skirt and floral blouse her legs showing I scoffed as the whole hall way filled with gasps and surprisingly loud whispers she took no notice of me leaning in to kiss her boyfriend.

Yep this was happening again.

I mean honestly did these girls think of me as a threat?.

She took hold of his hand smiling she held out her own I stared at it for a few seconds placing my own in front of her she shook it a false grin edging onto her face as she introduced herself.

" Hi, I'm vanessa. You must be new here... Feel free to ask any questions I'll be more than happy to help you out"

Her tone false, and intimidating I could tell she thought of me so low. I smiled showing her a piece of me.

" I'm jessica.. Thank you for the offer.. But I think I'll manage"

She stared at me, her lips pursing as she was trying to figure me out.


She bobbed her head to one side, smiling falsely in front of duke placing her hand around his waist as she said.

" Okay... So nice to meet you "

The room grew colder as she walked away her gang of pathetic plastic followers trailed along behind her.

I sighed leaning up against the lockers, I realised duke was still there. I groaned facing him fully as he raised his eyebrow I scoffed he seems to be a natural at that.

" What do you want?"

" I'm your guide, I have to show you around " he grinned.

" Fine... " I replied walking up besides him as he showed me around.

The first thing he showed me was the gym and then the music studio, dance room, cafeteria, toilets, outdoor port-a-cabins.

He finally stopped outside a class room handing me my time sheet. I looked at it groaning as I realised maths was my first lesson.

I looked up at duke again his eyes shining in the light as I said..

" Is this the maths class?" he nodded knocking lightly on the door. I sucked a shaky breath in and turned around ready to face a brutal first lesson.

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