New Girl

"dad seriously? when are we going to stop moving around everywhere?"...

Jessica hart the new girl at Fairfield high school finds herself being an outsider working her way to the top in a new school with different rules. faced with new challenges, boys and even a little violence how will jess survive a few months in this new school and in the end.. will she even want to leave when the time comes?.


4. New Friends.

Chapter four...

[fact file]

Kylie rose apple-yard: 17 years old,blonde,semi-popular,green eyes, Vanessa's ex-best friend, former cheerleader.

Arianna Leigh knight (pronounced as lee):  17 years old, brunette, intense blue eyes, semi popular, Vanessa's ex-best friend, schools news reporter.


Jess's P.O.V

I pushed open the double doors which lead inside the cafeteria. Walking slowly to the counter I could feel the other students eyes burning into my skull as they glared at me.


I stopped when I reached the top counter smiling politely as I bought a coffee and a sandwich. I took them and found myself a small table setting my self down. I was in deep concentration. My ears pricked up I looked up from my coffee sensing movement from behind me I didn't turn around.

Instead I said. " Hi.. What can I help you with?" Glaring down at my coffee again as the two empty seats in front of me were filled by two girls. I recognised them from what duke had told me.

The first one blond and had green eyes.. So it had be kylie apple-yard and the other brunette and blue eyed so.. It was ariana knight.

But what did they want?

The brunette started off first...

" Hi.. Its jess right?"

" Yes... Who'd like to know?" 

In a pretence voice.

"well I'm ariana.. And this is kylie " 

She pointed to her friend who just gave me a slight wave. I nodded acknowledging their existence as I repeated once again..

" What can I help you with? " 

A annoyed tone spewing out of my mouth as I looked up staring at them both.

" Well.. We heard about you and vanessa " 

Kylie replied her tone bold and bash.

" Yeah.. And?" 

I was getting pretty annoyed of this charade. Why couldn't people just get straight to the point

" Well.... "

I leaned forwards not wanting anyone to be listening in as ariana continued

" Well, you may not know this but were not exactly 'best friends' with vanessa and.. Were just wondering if you'd want to hang out with us? We tend to like annoying vanessa"

" Hmm... Im not exactly looking for any friends.. But maybe im changing my mind... "

Kylie was quick to respond to this as she said.

" So.. Your in? "

" Yeah.. Count me in "

" Here's our plan " kylie smirked whispering into my ears.

I looked at the two girls, had i really just made friends? What had happened to not letting anyone in. This school had changed my rules .

- (new scene) -

Duke's P.O.V

The end of break bell rang, signalling to students to move out, i had been waiting by the lockers for jess. Where was she?.

She entered the hallway by her side ariana and kylie. But what were they doing talking to her?. I walked up towards them smiling as i greeted them.

" Hey.." I moved my focus onto jessica finishing off my sentance

"The bell just went, we should head to class" she nodded as kylie and ariana went off to their own classes.

I watched them go, then turned my attention back to jess.

" What were you doing with them?" I stated

" Nothing, i think they wanted me to be their friend.. Why?" She replied

" No reason.. They really hate vanessa "

"Oh" she replied her voice laced in pretence, she smirked slightly looking up at me as she said.

" Shall we head to english?"

I nodded, as we moved towards our english class.

( New scene )

Leah Summers; 16 years old; Vanessa's best and close friend; gossip girl; blonde hair ; green eyes; kylie and arianas enemy;.

The english class breezed by. This first day was defiantly different from all my other first days. Before I knew it the other few lessons hurried pass too it was lunch.

I caught up with kylie and ariana, wanting to get used to the whole 'friends' thing. This plan seemed a pretty good idea, it had been a while since I had some fun, ruining vanessa's reputation seemed like something to quench my thirst with. I know your probably wondering why I'm even getting involved truth is... I don't even like the fact that a good guy like duke ended up with a barbie doll. God!. Your probably wondering why ariana and kylie want to ruin vanessa's reputation well let's just say its their revenge, the truth about kylie and ariana is that, they once were vanessa's bestfriends until one day that vanessa accidentally tells them both a secret she wasn't supposed to tell anyone, so vanessa did what she thought anyone would do...she made up a rumour about kylie and ariana and gained herself the title of gossip girl while losing kylie and ariana in the process and that was it. The best thing about me is that if I spend time with someone I can tell what sort of person they are. Let's start with kylie, her piercing green eyes show me that she isn't about to take no nonsense from nobody. Her attitude reflects that. Ariana hmm, well she looks like a little lost lamb who's caught up with the wrong crowd, but soon as she speaks she's more like a fierce lioness. Duke?, well first I though he was so full of himself, but now... I-I think he's okay, yeah he's okay. Moving on.

Anyway in english vanessa was trying her hardest to keep duke from talking to me, her constant flirty laughs and endless twisting of her hair, made him fawn over her. Who cares. Today I was introduced to leah summers vannesa's best friend, she too was so full of herself I could tell vanessa put her up to try to intimidate me. This school was a dump.

We set ourselves down onto the chairs finding ourselves a clear table. I wasn't hungry and neither were kylie or ariana, we took this time to sort the plan.

"Right... You sure you want in on this?" Kylie began

" Yeah" I responded almost too quickly, I could see the surprised glint in arianas eyes.

"Why the interest?"... " I mean.. You've only known her for about what, a few hours?" She replied her eyes not shifting from mine.

I swallowed.. Hard. And said. " Nothing.. Just want to kill some time, might as well have some fun while I have the time "

Ariana smirked, obviously not believing my cover up. " So.. I has nothing to do with the fact that she's dating duke adams? "

my mask was slipping back on as I smirked my eyes gripping onto hers as I said. " No, not really" kylie oblivious to what we were going on about grabbed our attention to the reason we gathered together, to discuss.

After we discussed everything we all needed to know. We headed back out of the cafeteria , I went through my part.

The rest of the day flew by quickly and soon it was end of school. The end of a surprising first day.

I some how felt myself feeling a little bad for vanessa, then again I hardly knew anything about her.

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