New Girl

"dad seriously? when are we going to stop moving around everywhere?"...

Jessica hart the new girl at Fairfield high school finds herself being an outsider working her way to the top in a new school with different rules. faced with new challenges, boys and even a little violence how will jess survive a few months in this new school and in the end.. will she even want to leave when the time comes?.


9. Good News.

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Chapter nine...

Kylie's P.O.V


"laters". i replied closing down the call, i placed the phone back into my jacket.

The lesson bell started ringing, it was time to endure the pain of miss brooks, in social studies. i swear why do we even need to have a lesson on being 'social?' like i already have knowledge on how to be social. but i guess schools have a different view on what 'social' means.

I grabbed my bag slinging it over my shoulder, as i made my way towards the car park. Jessica would be here soon, her place wasn't very far from school. i leaned against the beam outside the school doors looking round for her car.

Rummaging through my pocket as i searched for my phone, the light coming on i looked down at the time. Yes!. i had missed ten minutes of social studies.

Placing it back into my pocket, i looked up seeing a figure walking over at me the sun shining forcefully in front of me i raised my palm up in front of my eyes shielding it from the light as i tried to get a clear view of whomever was standing in front of me.

"hey, what are you doing out here?". it took me about two seconds to figure out who was sanding in front of me.

"waiting for someone" i replied still searching for her car, where was she?.

"jess?" he replied standing besides me, looking in the direction i was. i nodded repeatedly. As her red mini cooper came into view.

She drove towards us, finding a clear parking place. The engines turning off as she stepped out. flinging her bag over her right shoulder as she walked towards the both of us. A smirk on her face as she reached us.

"bout time, you got here" i stated, walking over to meet her, feeling dukes presence behind me.

"sorry about that, i hit some traffic" she replied smiling.

"we should get to class, we've already miss twenty minutes" duke commented. glancing back from me to Jessica. i looked at him puzzled as i remembered a question i had forgotten to ask him earlier.

"why aren't you already in class?" Jess glanced from me to face duke her face making the same look as mine.


Jess's P.O.V

"i was at practice, coach was briefing us" his eyes flickered slightly. i nodded willing to believe what he had said. i glanced over at Kylie, she seemed to have believed him too.

i smiled slightly, looking at the two as i said... "we should probably get back to class then" i shrugged my shoulders walking side by side in between Duke and Kylie.

We wandered through the deserted hallway, our shoes the only source of noise. i felt dukes eyes on me, as we walked on. The classroom appeared at the end of the hallway, noise and light coming from the window.

we walked slowly over to the door, all three of us dreading to face the wrath of miss brooks. i looked over at both of them when we reached the door stepping forwards as i knocked lightly onto the door.

stepping back, cautiously a black silhouette behind the glass. I looked round at kylie and duke before facing the door once more. The handle turned revealing miss brooks.

"... And why are you thirty minutes late to my lesson?" She stated, looking down at all three of us.

She looked at me, surprised before she said.. 

"Jessica Hart,I heard your injuries were worse"

"Well miss, maybe you shouldn't believe everything you hear" I replied a smirk on my face.

"Indeed, come in. Find your books and take a seat."

I thought I'd better follow her orders. I stepped inside. the class looking up from their notebooks, you'd think they'd seen a ghost. I wonder who it was that said my injuries were worse than it really was.

It didn't take long for me to work out who started the little 'rumour'. 

I looked around the class at the only person who wasn't looking at me shocked. Leah.

I walked on over to her sitting myself down besides her, I knew it wasn't my seat but I didn't care at that moment. She looked up from the notes acknowledging my existence.

"So.. Your still alive then" she stated, it was more of a rhetorical question.

"Oh yeah, fighting fit me.." I replied smirking.

I looked over at duke and kylie who were still standing near the door making up a good excuse for being late to the lesson. A few minutes later they were walking in finding their seats. Kylie looked at me surprised as she questioned me sitting next to leah.

My phone starting to buzz, as I received a text message.

Ky: what are you doing sitting next to leah?.

To ky: looking for answers, or maybe just to wind her up.

Ky: what do you mean answers?.

I looked up from my phone, her eyebrow raised as I looked back down.

To ky: well you obviously mustn't believe the whole, 'I got locked in by mistake after falling story'.

Ky: I knew it had something to do with vanessa.

To ky: yep!.

We stopped sending the messages, as we settled down into our spaces.


Jess's P.O.V

(New scene)

"So ladies, you have been chosen for the team. Work hard and maybe one of you can make it as head cheerleader"

It was cheer practise and coach was just briefing us on what the rules and what we had to do, in order to be a good cheerleader. Personally I don't understand what's hard about waving two pom poms in the air and doing a few gymnastic moves but cheer leading was made into a sport where you actually had to put in the effort.

My eyes glazed over as I looked around, a lot less girls had made it onto the team meaning a lot had been cut. In total there was about eleven or twelve of us.

"So ladies, our first competition is at the grand national cheerleading association, GNCA for short. We have a less than four weeks to prepare till the deadline of the competition. I want adrenalin and confidence to shine from you. Is that clear!"

"Yes coach". We replied together, we were in the basketball hall. The echo's bouncing around the room.

I looked around the room as coach started going on about the rules.

"all cheerleaders must be wearing the uniform on days of the practice.." coach was looking round to everyone. Explaining out the rules and meeting places for all of us to here.

The noise of sneakers on the floor filled my ears, the class turned round. The jocks had entered the building.

i turned away chuckling slightly looking back at coach, her head lifting up as she grabbed her bull horn, the feed back coming off loudly. i cringed covering my ears to block out the loud noise.

"Boys!. where is coach stevans?" i glanced back round to the boys, smirking as i watched the jocks being told off. 

"alright girls, time for a practice. The boys are here to practice and you girls could do with a test try." i looked back from coach to the boys and back standing up. As the rest of the boys entered hall.

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