New Girl

"dad seriously? when are we going to stop moving around everywhere?"...

Jessica hart the new girl at Fairfield high school finds herself being an outsider working her way to the top in a new school with different rules. faced with new challenges, boys and even a little violence how will jess survive a few months in this new school and in the end.. will she even want to leave when the time comes?.


7. Fuzzy Memories.

Chapter seven...

Jess's P.O.V

my eyes felt heavy, weighed down. i slowly peeled them open my head still spinning the room starting to spin round me, till they stopped at one focus. Rose, my mum.

i blinked once more not believing my sight, mum was in america? she hasnt even been in the same room with dad since she left three years ago. But here? now. Was she here for me?. 

"m-m-mum?..." i stuttered out sighing out my chest still hurt. I glanced around the room, this was not the nurse's office. I jumped up sitting up right my head leaning against the many pillows behind my head. she placed her hand down onto my chest lightly leaning me down firmly, i shook her off. 

"where am i?"i muttered rubbing my throbbing head, i glanced around. there was cream colored walls all around me but it was only mum and me. where was dad?. she must have guessed my question because she answered it. 

"your dad is getting your brother from school, then bringing him straight here".

"where am i?" she held onto my hand firmly, her voice breaking up. As she replied hesitantly...

"sweetheart, your i-in the hospital," she sounded worried, she had no right to be worried about me. she left  us. i scoffed lightly turning around to scan the room. it looked bare, there was only my bed and a table in front, it was full of gifts. how long have i been here?. where were all the other beds? patients?.

"why is this place so.. empty?" she managed a slight smile, rubbing her thumb over my hand. 

"your in a private facility, sweetie." i raised my eyebrows nodding to her response.

"of course, why are you even here mom?. last i heard you lived in Florida" her eyes, faded slightly as i said that, she looked sorry.

"Im here, because your my daughter do i need another reason to be here?" she let go of my hand walking around the bed i was sat on. wow why was she angry at me?.

"sweetie, you have a right to be mad at me. i know that. the only thing i regret is leaving you" i rolled my eyes, she didn't deserve my sympathy.

"its always about you isn't it?, when have you ever thought about me or Jake. have you forgotten about your other child. how old was he when you left? do you even care about him?" this time, i couldn't handle this she had a right to be there for us, but where was she?. married to another man with her own set of kids. i watched her as she walked around the room, tears starting to pour down her face, seriously.

"i love you Jessica, and Jake. you'll always be my children. just because i was never there i doesn't mean i haven't gone one day without thinking about you." i was taken back from her words, this was probably the first time in a while she's said she loved me, and this time face to face. But i was still angry. i could feel my face heating up before i could say anything my dad had walked in, by his side Jake.

His face lit up, as he looked at me he looked worried. i smiled a little moving my gaze from my mother to him, stretching my arms out for me. i felt bruised. But nothing hurt more than the look of hurt on his face.he jumped onto the bed hugging onto me tightly, i winced quietly hugging him back. I looked at my parents they were giving each other awkward looks. My family, is really messed up. Mom had it all, she married a rich business man named David Clark. She had two other children, both girls named Lilly and Poppy twins actually. its funny how their named after flowers, my moms called Rose and she named her daughters Lilly and poppy. If she had picked my name i would've been called daisy or something. Thank god dad named me after his sister. Dad only had one sister, so he named me after her. Aunt Jessica, she always called me her favorite niece. that'd be cause i was her only niece, dad only had a sister no one else. Dad had us, his business and what else, money?. all I've ever wanted since i was young was mom, dad me and Jake together. Guess some things don't come true.

Jake was still in my arms, he crawled out and set himself down onto the chair besides my bed. dad took a seat onto the bed holding onto my hand, man he looked worried.

"Jess, sweetheart. who did this?" he scanned my face, i had a slight cut on my lip and one on the end of my eyebrow. my right arm was currently in a purple cast. my favorite color.

"i chose the color, purple was always your favorite color." rose stated, she walked closer towards my bed.

"yeah, it goes well with my broken arm" i replied, my voice was laced with sarcasm. She looked hurt.

I looked back at dad, his face faded of the light that was always there. i was ready to answer the question, when it hit me literally, Vanessa. This was vanessa, i couldn't tell my dad. He'd have me pulled out of the school, i couldn't leave not yet anyway. i winced as i tried to move.

"i-i dont know dad, i fell" he looked slightly angry, standing up walking round the room away from my bed.

"what!, and you ended up with cuts and bruises on your face?. No. now tell me the truth Jessica". i couldn't tell him what had really happened, but i didn't want to lie to him either. "i-i don't know, dad i don't" i felt bad. My mom had flown from Florida, my dad must have had to leave work to be here. And i just lied to his face.

He shook his head, i could tell he was disappointed. He managed a small smile before saying. "come on sweetie, lets go home".

Duke's P.O.V

The last time i saw her was when she was taken into the ambulance, her eyes were closed. she had a concussion her parents had no idea about this. i had to stay in the nurse's office to fill out what had happened, i didn't even know. she hadn't told me how she got locked in or how she ended up like that, i had every intention of finding out.


A/N: hi guys, this is quite short i know, but i did my best to put some background information about Jessica's parents and herself. thank you to those who have been reading, i know that most people on this site, mainly read fan fictions and this is a teen fic book. hold on m'dears cause after I've written this i am starting my Justin bieber fan fiction book. carry on reading, please and thank you if you did read it. please add it to your favorites, i promise this book will be great. oh and im also going to write some one direction fan fictionss.


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