New Girl

"dad seriously? when are we going to stop moving around everywhere?"...

Jessica hart the new girl at Fairfield high school finds herself being an outsider working her way to the top in a new school with different rules. faced with new challenges, boys and even a little violence how will jess survive a few months in this new school and in the end.. will she even want to leave when the time comes?.


5. Cheer tryouts.

Chapter five...


Jess's P.O.V

The thoughts of yesterday wore off by the time I woke up. I had a feeling today was going to be better.

Today I picked out a pair of washed out grey high wasted shorts, a butterfly printed crop top,my leather jacket (as the crop top had no sleeves and it was cold this morning )and my grey ankle boots. Today as you might have guessed I opted for a more feminine and girly choice. I placed my golden locket around my neck I decided to plait my hair to the side fastening it with a brown bobble. Those boy's won't know what's hit them.

I know I said I wasn't going to be getting involved in relationships but I may be changing my mind. Hey! I'm only human.

Today was a brand new day. I went through everything we had discussed yesterday, we being me,kylie& ariana.

I hurried out the front door, heading to school. I took my phone out scrolling through the list of contacts I clicked on kylie and set the phone to my ear.

( Phone conversation ) 

Kylie: " Hey jess.. " 

Me:" Hey today's the day, are we set on the plan? " 

Kylie" Yeah.. you ready?" 

Me:" Born ready.. Let's do this " 

Kylie:" See you at school " 

Me:" Laters.." 

( End on conversation )

Let me clarify what 'today's the day meant' today was the first stage of the plan, my job in two words was cheerleader. I shoved the phone into my jacket pocket hugging my arms close as I made my way to school.

- some minutes later -

I arrived at the school gates, it was pretty much dead, which only meant that everyone was inside I headed indoors walking on over to the huge group of girls crowding a notice board. I pushed my way through being tall and flexible had its perks. I reached the front mentally slapping my self as I was faced with vanessa. She gave me a evil glare before turning to the notice board she sighed her name I rushed forwards being pushed to the top by the many students behind me the little paper read 'cheerleading try outs'.

I smirked time for step one. 

I signed my name and walked away from the crowd walking on towards my locker. After collecting all my stuff I slammed the locker shut vanessa was standing behind it.

I smiled. Not giving her the satisfaction of freaking me out.

Instead I said. " can I help you?..." 

She smirked then edged closer her breath pouring down on my face as she replied.

" Listen here... That sign was meant for me not for some loser girl who thinks she owns this place you may have your sights set on being a cheerleader. But let me tell you one thing once I'm head cheerleader again you can think twice about coming to practices "

Now.. You may be wondering why vanessa had to sign her name up for cheer leading, that's because everyone had returned from school break which meant that the cheer leading coach gave every girl on the team a chance to prove that they are worthy of being cheerleaders as well as the other students. Basically the coach disbands the team so everyone has a shot at proving that they have what it takes to be a cheerleader. And now it was vanessas 5th time she's been disbanded along with the other girls but she's been the only one who ever makes it as head cheerleader.

Well that's about to change, everyone step aside and make way for jessica hart. I was head cheer leader at every school I went to. That wasn't going to change even if I have to step it up with vanessa as competition.

Anyway back to the conversation.

" Well.. That's certainly nice to know.. Let's just see how the coach decides.. Shall we?"

She scoffed and walked away. I smirked watching her steam as she did so.

( New scene )

*New lesson&New teacher*

" Ms hart.. You shall be seated next to ms apple-yard and ms knight " 


I nodded and made my way towards ariana and kylie I smirked and sat in between them. As soon as mr russo turned to tell the other students their places I handed kylie a piece of paper, which she read and handed to ariana. They smirked nodding. I took the little paper unfolding it as I read their replies.


' Stage one set '  

- J

' Good job ' 

- ky

' Let's get to it ' 

- arii

That lesson flew by quickly it was second period and I had maths which meant duke was in my lesson.

I headed towards my maths class taking my seat I grabbed my maths books setting them down in front of me. Duke took his seat besides me setting himself down onto his seat.

I looked over to him, he'd been unusually quiet this lesson he had this annoyed look on his face. I decided to break the silence saying...

" Hey, everything okay?" 

I looked around, professor was talking to some other students, when I decided it was safe to face him again.

" Yeah.. Football was tough "

I scanned his face, as his fist clenched at his sides, his jaw was tight.

" You can tell me.."

I'd hope that would work.

" We got a new coach, he was brutal "

I winced, looking up at him I smiled trying to reassure him as I said...

" It'll be okay.. Its probably pre game nerves "

" Hopefully "

I nodded getting back to the lesson. That was awkward. I bit my lip scribbling down the date and objective for today's lesson.

I felt his gaze on me, I turned around to face him, smiling a little.

" Sorry about snapping.. Vanessa's been doing my head in about the cheer leading try outs.. I heard you signed up for it?.. Good luck those girls are fierce "

I smirked as I said.

" What makes you think I can't be fierce?.. "

" Good luck trying "

" I'll take that on board "

" Soo.. You any good? "

I scoffed the cheek!, asking me whether I was good.

" I don't tell people I'm good, I prefer them to see me being awesome "

He smirked as I contiued.

" Its break, all the cheer girls will be there practising for the try outs, and cheer coach will be there judging we'll see whether I've got talent. Come support me?"

He smirked then frowned.

" I can't, practise is next"

I pouted and shrugged sighing. I needed some fun. I couldn't wait for this lesson to be over.

Once this lessons finished I followed the rest of the cheer girls out onto the greens, Dukes practise was on the other half of the greens too, I smiled waving at him slightly as I walked on over to the other girls. Coach raven was sat on the benches with a clip board and a bull horn. she was watching the other girls. Before I headed out I had changed into my shorts and top. I was ready to go.

All the girls were practising out their moves hoping to get spotted by the coach, I headed to the back as I got ready to start.

The atmosphere turned tense as everyone of the girls started to show off their moves. I breathed in walking backwards slightly as I picked up distance, this was going to be easy.

I quickly ran up getting ready to do my famous triple hand stand, I smirked as I felt everyone's eyes on me, I guess all those lessons of gymnastics finally payed off I was gaining speed I placed both hands out thrusting them onto the ground as I begun my first hand stand I felt the adrenalin rush through my body quickly moving onto the second I heard cheers around me, not paying attention as I did the second a playful smile on my face as I got ready to the last I smiled as I got through it falling into a perfect split once I finished. Smirking I got up.

Everyone's eyes were on me, I continued to do my routine doing splits, stands, and other cheer moves. I glanced over at coach raven she looked away scribbling something down onto her board.

I could only hope I did well enough to get in.


Dukes P.O.V 

I smiled as she waved at me, waving slightly back I returned to my practise. Coach stevens was giving us all a hard time. He's gotten a divorce over the holiday as was taking it out on us.

He made us do a few laps around the track, I stopped catching a slight glimpse of jess doing her routine, everyone's eyes were on her I smiled, as she did her stands wow, she was good.

Zac and noah stopped besides me, looking over at jess as she did her second stand she moved quickly onto the third and then the split to finish.

Woah!. She was athletic and flexible. 

My ears starting ringing as noah and zac started talking.

" Woah!, that new chick is hot and flexible.. " noah smirked

" Yeah.. What's her name?" Zac replied catching his breath.

" Jess " I replied, scoffing at the two morons who were dribbling.

" You guys don't stand a chance " I replied smirking.

" Just because you've got a girlfriend doesn't mean we don't have a chance " noah blurted smirking at jess.

" Too right bro " zac replied fist bumping each other I sighed ignoring them both.

I leaned onto the metal banister looking over the cheer girls. I caught a glimpse of vanessa I smiled as I waved she was doing her routine. Before anyone could say anything else coach steven had caught up with us.

" What are you boys doing?.. Soo the cheer girls are more important than the big game?.. In that case drop and give me 50 "

Coach stared at all three of us once more before he walked on over to his seat. Man why were we getting punished. We walked over to him dropping down to do some press ups. I couldn't wait for break to be over.


- new scene -

Jess's P.O.V

[fact file]

Zac montgomery: dark hair, chocolate brown eyes, jock, best friends with duke adams. status: single.nicknamed: monty 

Noah gold: brown hair,hazel eyes, bold and bash, jock, friends with duke adams. status: single/ player.nicknamed: goldy or g-man 

I felt confident I knew that everything was just up to the coach now, I had to get on the team or we'd have to find another way to mess with vanessa. Anyway, I had been successful a lot of times to not be chosen for the team would be ridiculous, I know i sound big headed. I walked off the greens slinging one strap of my backpack onto my left shoulder clutching onto it with my left hand.

I peered down at my watch, there was about 10 of break left. I walked into the changing room setting my bag down onto the bench in front of me I opened up my locker. Before I could do anything I heard a familiar noise coming from behind me I scoffed ignoring it, the noise came again this time it was directly behind me. I turned around coming face to face with vanessa she had changed into a light blue floral bralet with a cream skirt. she was wearing a pair of cream coloured heels, hence the familiar noise. I raised an eyebrow acknowledging her existence.

She smirked before she said anything the room filled with her 'followers'. Ah things were not going to be pretty. She stepped back her friends had all rallied behind her I was beginning to think maybe I was in big trouble..

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