New Girl

"dad seriously? when are we going to stop moving around everywhere?"...

Jessica hart the new girl at Fairfield high school finds herself being an outsider working her way to the top in a new school with different rules. faced with new challenges, boys and even a little violence how will jess survive a few months in this new school and in the end.. will she even want to leave when the time comes?.


3. Announcements.

Chapter three...

[fact file]

Professor Parker: match teacher, early twenties,90% humor 10% seriousness; nicknamed: prof, mr parker.


Jess's P.O.V


I entered the classroom, my stomach churning furiously inside of me I was nervous.

Duke stood besides me walking me over to the professor, I handed him a note from the head explaining my absence. He smiled standing up I shook my head rolling my eyes as he called out to the class for attention. And before we knew it all eyes were on us.

" Everyone... This is Jessica hart she is a new student at this school. I want you all to make her feel welcome in this class " no one was looking at him the were too busy watching me. I smirked walking on over to the back seat table wanting to get far away from the rest of the class as possible. Duke took a seat besides me obviously feeling that I needed a 'friend' for the lesson.

He turned to me his smirk in place as he said in a whisper " sorry about that whole drama in the hall way.... It was only my girlfriend "

I nodded replying " yeah I got that.."

We spent the entire lesson talking not paying little attention to the professor. Well until he called out our names.

" Mr adams... Ms hart, do you have anything you'd wish to share to the class!?" I looked over my shoulder keeping my laughter in. I swear it was hard keeping a serious face when all I wanted to do was smile.

" No sir.." We said in unison. I chuckled as the professor continued with his lesson.

Duke seemed to be chiseling off the hard exterior I built, he was something else and I knew I had to know more.

" So I heard you and your family move around a lot, what sort of places have you been?"

" what are you like stalking me?... Before I came here I lived in brazil, italy, florida, texas, and the uk... "

" So your from england?"

" Mmhmm yeah "

" Its funny you don't seem to have a strong British accent or any accent at all "

" Well moving around a lot made me pick up a few other accents, I would say the same to you.. What sort of accent is that?"

" American " he smirked

We talked till the end of lesson bell rang. It was break next. I had managed to keep myself to myself answering questions with short answers. I shrugged it off gathering up loose worksheets tucking them into my exercise book standing up we left the classroom.

We walked down the hallway together all eyes turning to us as we walked further, I stopped at my locker placing the exercise books into it I slammed it shut. Glaring at the other students I looked at the time sheet once again, I had english after break I stared at the sheet not looking up as I said.

" Hey.... I have english next... What do you have?"

" Yep.. I have english too "

" Well.. That's one person I know, is vanessa in that class?"

" Yeah.. Don't worry I'm sure you guys will get along "

I raised my eyebrows muttering under my breath looking up as I said.

" See you later duke " I turned heading down the corridor, a casual smirk on my face as I headed straight for the cafeteria.


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