this is a twilight fan fiction, this is about sapphire, her boyfriend near enough murdered her and was found by carlise, he changed her into a vampire and met a boy called robert, what will happen in her forever life...


1. The change.

The pain was horrible, too much to scream out for help. I have no idea what has just happened, first I was with my ‘boyfriend’ and next he was beating me up, then I blanked out. I do remember the faint blurred face of a blonde haired male looking over me. When I woke up I was in a giant house, it was so bright and clean, it was amazing.

“Hello, are you okay?” it was the blonde male, he was standing with a pretty brunette and I think it was his six children and a grandchild.

“Yes I am what happened I feel different.”

“I changed you… into a vampire, your boyfriend got drunk and beat you up, and he left you to die.”

There was a very long silence, I didn’t mind being a vampire but it just feels so weird, I feel colder and lighter.

“It’s okay, it feels good, I have a lot more energy than normal and I feel like the need for blood, is that normal?”

“Hehe, he chuckled. It’s very normal for you to have the need for blood, but I’m not letting you go hunting it’s too dangerous, I’ve got some animal blood in the fridge, you can have that okay?”

“I would love that, thank you.” I smiled. I am very grateful to this man.

“Oh yes, by the way, I’m carlise.”

“Hi I’m Alice,” said the girl with the short brunette hair.

“And I’m e-,” the little girl interrupted him.

“Me daddy, can I tell?” said the child with long brown curls.

The male nodded and she placed her hand on my cheek and looked into my eyes, it was amazing, she showed me everything. The smallest grown up female was Alice, the blonde female is Rosalie and the adult with brown hair was seem also the short haired male was emmet, the auburn haired male was Edward and the curly blonde was jasper there was also Bella that was Edwards wife and Renesmee that is Edward and bellas daughter, there was also a werewolf called Jacob and his gang. Renesmee also showed me the past from the moment she was born until now . It was very entertaining.

“Wow! Well, I said looking into renesmee’s eyes. Thank you for sharing that information with me I’m sapphire, it is very nice to meet you all, thank you for saving me.” I said smiling at the family.

“We didn’t just save you, you are family.”

That night we talked about my past and I got to learn everything about the family even before they were vampires. I think this is a place where I will defiantly be accepted…


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