this is a twilight fan fiction, this is about sapphire, her boyfriend near enough murdered her and was found by carlise, he changed her into a vampire and met a boy called robert, what will happen in her forever life...


2. My power...

The next day, Emmett challenged me to a game of football on the Wii, he doesn’t know who he is challenging, back when I was human I played it every day but as Emmett has been alive ALOT longer than me I don’t know what I’m up against.

“Fine, but I’m going to kick your butt.” I smiled.

“HAHA! Emmett laughed. In my years I have had much practice.” He returned the smile and went and setup the game.

Most the time I don’t get Emmett, he can be soft, annoying or really competitive but isn’t that what a brother is like? He is nothing like Rosalie, she is ignorant, annoying but sometimes happy, she also seems very protective over her family.

“Hey Emma, you okay?” Bella asked.

“BELLA BOO BOO, I squeezed her cheeks. HAHA, I’m okay, Emmett has challenged me to a game of football on the Wii.”

“Really? Good luck.” She said giving me a hug.

“Thanks, is he good?”

“Umm, yer sure…” She said sarcastically.

“Great!” I smiled.

After the ten games that I won Emmett got bored of losing and gave up trying. Me and Alice decided to go shopping to buy some clothes as I have none. We took Renesmee along to get her something new as she has grown out of the last two dresses we bought her.

“Renesmee, do you want to pick out some dresses when we get to the shops?” I asked.

“Yes please, can we have a fashion show after?” she asked excitedly.

“Hmm Alice, what do you think?”

“Of course you can.” She chimed happily.

“Thank you!” Renesmee giggled.

We arrived at the shops and we told Renesmee to pick whatever dress she wanted, she picked the bright pink one but I thought that the bright blue one would suit her better, I said in my head the blue one is much better, pick the blue one.

“Wait… I want this one.” Renesmee said turning her attention to the blue one that I picked in my head, it was weird, was that just her decision or did I make her do that? We did the rest of our shopping and I told Alice what happened, she said she wouldn’t tell anyone until I wanted to but if it happens again I need to tell Carlisle. I decided to do it again but to Alice this time.

‘Please go to the longer way home Alice.’ I thought in my head. ‘Turn left not right.’ I thought again.

“Actually, I think we should go the other way home, it’s nice to see a different place.”

“ALICE! It happened again, I just made you do that!” I whispered harshly.

“Oh… you need to tell Carlisle!” whispered back.

“Fine but what do you think he will say?” I asked nervously.

“Just go along with it, it’s not bad, you have a power!” she smiled.   


We drove excited to tell Carlisle, he was standing in the door way smiling with Edward, smiling at me.

“EDWARD, really why did you tell him?!” I thought knowing that he could hear me.

Edward gave me a little smile and walked over to the car with Carlisle, even though Edward told him because he can read my mind, it saved my breathe.

“Hey Carlisle, I guess you’ve heard.” I said giving Edward a smile.

“Yes I have and I’m very pleased that you have got a power like Alice, Jasper, Edward, Bella and Renesmee, don’t worry, we haven’t told any of the others.” He whispered.

“Thanks Carlisle,” I said giving him a hug.

I walked inside to tell everyone, I knew the person I would go to first was Bella, she can keep a secret for a long, long time.

“Bella, can I have a word,” I said walking into her bedroom.

“Yeah, sure,” she smiled.

“Guess what…”

“What?” she said looking at me suspiciously.

“I got my power!” I squealed happily.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so happy for you!” She squealed back.

“I can control peoples decisions like jasper can control there mood swings, I accidently changed renesmee’s mind on the dress she picked, BTW she has a blue dress and I also changed Alice’s thoughts on which way to go home.”

“HA, that’s amazing!” she said.

“But what if my thoughts can do bad things to people…” I said sadly wondering what it will bring days to come...


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