The path of the Ancients. - Runescape Competition

Unreveled truth.
What really happened at the ancient Senntisten?
Whats the truth of the empty lord?
Who is Zamorak?
This will be all answered in the story.


5. Umbra

When I woke up, it was dawn.
The camp was on its way back to "headquarters" it would seem.

I saw other prisoners, though neither were close enough to talk to, only grim looking guards.
I whizzed from the pain in my back, then I took a look around me.

This squad seemed to be more of a scouting squad, There were at least four times more people about then last night.
I saw a few mages, several knights but mostly assassins and spies.
I also checked out the scenery, seeing the large evergreen forests, I reckoned we can be in the northern part of Asgarnia or Misthalin.

My thoughts were interrupted by the growl of a guard.
-Here's your mush - with that he threw a bowl of disgusting gruel in front of me.
I decided to eat it,  as I needed all the strength I have to escape the camp.
After the "meal" I looked around how to escape the cage, when I felt my eyelids getting heavier and heavier.

They put a sleeping potion into this damn thing!

With that I slumped to sleep in the back of the cage.

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