The path of the Ancients. - Runescape Competition

Unreveled truth.
What really happened at the ancient Senntisten?
Whats the truth of the empty lord?
Who is Zamorak?
This will be all answered in the story.


3. Spy

I was a test, a prototype.

They will use me for a big cause.
But that big cause will take a sacrifice.

I was to spy on the Dark Lord, merge into his armies, act as a double agent.
Of course I quickly accepted this position, knowing this will be my best way to serve Saradomin and my Father.
I was to sneak into their camp, assassinate a soldier, and take up his role, get close to the Generals, take the information back to Falador.
This was no easy task, one with alot of risks, but I knew I had to take it.

I was equipped with a yew bow, numerous steel arrows, and two rune daggers.
They also gave me a horse and some survival equipment, after all, the camp was far away, at least a weeks journey.

I went home home for perhaps the last time,  said a goodbye to my parents and my young brother, I told them I have to go on an important trip.
My father told me he was proud of me,  and he gave me a strange box.
He told me if I was in danger, just open it, and think about him.
I thanked my parents for the gift,  then i left.

I got on the horse and after talking to the captain about details, I left falador in the evening.

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