The path of the Ancients. - Runescape Competition

Unreveled truth.
What really happened at the ancient Senntisten?
Whats the truth of the empty lord?
Who is Zamorak?
This will be all answered in the story.


1. Introduction

Brute Force isn't always the way to solve everything.

Back when I was just a child, I lived in the Pompous White-Clad city of Falador.
Ahh... Falador... Truly, there is not a more serene place when there is peace in Asgarnia.
The refined citizens, the bustling markets, busy looking Merchants, and Faladors Pride... The White knights.
Now this particular order is already legendary. This true Legacy of Saradomin has always
strengthened the hearts of the weak, made the shy proud, and and brought a kind of assurance for the
citizens of Falador.

Our city was the "barrier" between the gods, the land of Saradomin standing way to the empire of the dark one.
We didn't know much of the dark god, little children were taught not to say his name, as it caused people tremble, and some claimed saying the name is a bad omen.
Lets say we lived in a blissful ignorance, not concerned with the dark powers that where causing tremors in the westerns parts of Gielnor, After all, we lived under the protecting hands of Saradomin, and we have the ever-guiding knights of Falador, ever-protecting and watching over us.

This time was the time I was a younger man, starting to show interest to the other parts of the world, taking notice of all the things happening around me.
And in this time, is the time when the story I will tell you begins.

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