The path of the Ancients. - Runescape Competition

Unreveled truth.
What really happened at the ancient Senntisten?
Whats the truth of the empty lord?
Who is Zamorak?
This will be all answered in the story.


4. Glacias

 I was viewing the camp from the nearby mountain, thinking on the best way to make a distraction and slip in unnoticed.
I went by the plan to sneak in, decapitate a person looking like me, blow up the provisions, making a disorder, then rush to the scene with the others.

I took out the yew bow, scurried down the mountain, and started sneaking around the camps edge.
I finally found a man similar to me,  I took out the bow, aimed carefully.

What am I thinking? This is just a kid! Merely 16! Doesnt he have a family like me?

I rememered the captains words - Dont feel pity for the enemy, they wont feel it for you either -

I sighed, took aim, and released the string.
BOOM, something hard came down on back. - Who the hell do you think you are filthy saradominist? Sneaking into our camp?
I cringed from the pain, looked up, a huge knight with a strange purple armour was looking down on me with hatred.
Im such an idiot - I thought - as if they didn't have a scout division too!

I should mould out you're heart in place! - Went the booming voice of the knight again.

Another shadow stepped out of the darkness.

-I heard a commotion, did you catch some saradominist vermin again?
-Zuriel! Look at this little ratcatcher, these just give me the heart to mutilate them in place.
-Put him down Torva, just lock him in with the rest of the filth, lets take him back to HQ.

The knight named Torva grumbled them took me by my belt and threw me into a solitary cage in by the outskirts of the camp

My first task, and it was a disaster... But I didnt feel fear, only anger.

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