The path of the Ancients. - Runescape Competition

Unreveled truth.
What really happened at the ancient Senntisten?
Whats the truth of the empty lord?
Who is Zamorak?
This will be all answered in the story.


2. Childhood

I came from a moderately rich family in Falador, we weren't the richest, but our family had a history it could be proud of.
My father was a High-Ranking guard at the White Knights, My mother was an ambassador, and since my mothers absence most of the time, my father influenced me greatly.

It was always my fathers desire for me to become a knight, strangely, I felt that the sword wasn't my way of fighting, I had a desire for something more... mental.
But since I respected my father and his wishes, due to his contacts inside the order, I was listed as a peon at the age of 17.

My squire was a man named Lawrence, he didn't beat me for not being able to fight like a true knight, he was just sad, which made it more painful for me, and made me push harder, till 2 years later, we were enlisted for promotions.
This was a pain for me, I didn't want to disappoint my father, he had so much faith in me, still, i totally agreed with the squad leader when he told me I am not squire-material.
To still take on my fathers wishes, I begged the captain to make me a scout, since I was handy with the dagger, and I was more of a quick, strategical mental type.

I was soon sent to spy on enemy legions, though i had a feeling they were only doing this to test me, see if I'm capable of something more.
My pondering became true, when the Scout squad leaders sat down with me with orders from headquarters.... and told me the truth,

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