"Z" is for ZOMBIE!

Based in the massively popular online game RuneScape.

About some unlikely adventures who must save the world from a zombie outbreak.


1. Journal of an Adventure Noob


The day was like any other day in Gielinor. The sun was shining and blue stretched across an endless sky. My friend Eddy and I were spending the day fishing on the island of Karamja.

But things soon would change from tropical warmth and beauty to fear and horror! This is how it all began...



day 1


We were sitting by the shore fishing poles in hand when we first heard the scream...

I glanced over at Eddy, his face was as white as the snow covered peaks of White Wolf Mountain. 


"Run Asi," he whispered. "Run!" 


It was much later when we finally came to a stop. After what seemed like hours we found ourselves at the waters edge again looking out at a little island. 

It was a place I was unfamiliar with. On our side of the beach there was a huge tree with a rope swinging from its lofty branches. 

Quickly, as if he had done it countless times, Eddy jumped up and 

 grabbed the rope. Without so much as a blink he took one quick running lunge and sailed easily over the water. I watched in awe as he landed agilely on the other shore of the island. 

“Hurry!” he beckoned to me impatiently. “Come on!"


Reaching up I grabbed the rope, it was almost out of reach but I jumped and caught it. Swinging out over the water I landed in an ungraceful heap next to him. 

With a smirk Eddy pulled me to my feet. “Welcome to Moss Island.” he smiled.


We began trekking though the harsh underbrush as night was beginning to sink in around us. I had never been out on a forbidding and dangerous island at night before!

“Do you know where we are going?” I asked Eddy as I fearfully clung tighter to the back of his red dragon-hide tunic.

He stopped moving and turned his head one way then the other, “Well sure I know...” he was frowning his eyes wide as he tried to see in the dimming light.

“Should we stop for the night?” I asked.

Eddy crouched low to the ground and urgently ushered me to do the same.

“What is it?” I breathed my heart exploding in my chest.

“I think something is coming.”

“The thing that’s chasing us??”

“No, probably a Moss Giant.”

Eyes wide and hiding behind a big leafed shrub we searched and listened. The silence that followed was deafening! 


Finally with something our ears could pick up my heart nearly beat out of my chest!

Crouching even lower Ed quietly undid my death grip on his back and signaled for me to remain and keep quite. I sunk lower and watched as he quickly dashed behind a tree.


Whatever it was was getting closer!

Eddy pulled his long dragon sword free and with his back against the tree I could see him close his eyes as if sending a prayer skyward before he met the beast and possibly his maker!

Suddenly, with final determination, he lunged toward the oncoming sound.

“DIE BEAST!!!” he screamed.

“AAAHHHHH!!!!! Please don’t KILL ME!!!” the ‘beast’ screamed back.

“Huh...?” I heard Eddy say.

I stood up and ran over, worry spinning my head. “Everything okay?” I asked coming up to the scene.

There stood Eddy sword in hand outstretched over the head of a girl kneeling on the ground before him.

“Don’t kill me!” she sobbed again.

She was hard to make out in the now darkness but something about her was familiar. I could just make out white pigtails admits a head full of large spiky stickers clinging everywhere.

“Juelexi?” I said in shock, “Is that you?”

The girl looked up suddenly realizing that she might not die after all.

“Asi?” she blinked up at me.

“Put your sword away, Eddy, she’s not a Moss Giant.”

Eddy sheathed his sword, obviously relieved.

Juelexi stood up slowly eyeing Eddy and then with a smile on her dirt covered face that gave her the appearance of being a mad woman she lunged at me with a hug so powerful I thought she might break my neck!

“Oh Asi! I thought for sure I would die alone out here!”

I patted the girls back, “Well now we can all die together,” I teased.


We managed to find a small dark cave nestled under a large boulder. It looked more like a den belonging to some kind of ferocious beast but Ed had assured me that the Moss Giants were to big to fit.

Huddled up under the rock we had just enough room to sit. I busied myself with pulling stickers out of Juelz’s hair.

“So,” Eddy began trying to get comfortable on the hard ground, “how did you get here? On Moss island?”

Juelz wiped some mud off her knees as she shrugged, “I was trying to escape like everyone was. Saw this little island and thought I might be safe away from the main island so I swam here.”

“What do you mean everyone was trying to escape?” I asked.

Juelz looked at both of us in turn, “Well, from the Zombies,” she answered.

My eyes widened in surprise where Ed nodded grimly.

“I was hoping it wasn’t that,” he said softly.

“Zombies?!” I said refusing to believe it. “What do you mean Zombies?” Not giving her time to answer I turned to Eddy, “That’s what was chasing us?? A Zombie!?”

Juelz nodded slowly, “Seems there was an outbreak from Shilo Village,” she paused pulling an annoying leaf out of her hair and away from her eyes, “I was in Brimhaven when I saw them coming. We tried to keep them out of the main town.” she paused to let a frown sink in, “You would think with all the Pirates and thugs there we’d have had a chance, but you know that lot.. they only care about themselves, and soon it was just a couple of locals and a few unprepared adventurers like myself left to try and defend. Least to say the defenses there had broken and the hoard made it into the town,” she stared off at the memory, “it was horrible, I saw people get attacked all around me. I just barley made it out.

“All of Karamja is over run it seems, I took off through the jungle dodging snakes and what-not when I came to this small island,” she smiled slightly at Eddy, “I think you know the rest.”

Ed smiled sheepishly, “Sorry ‘bout that.”



day 2



“Here’s the plan,” Eddy began as we all sat huddled around a small fire he had somehow managed to start using some dried twigs and his bow.

It was early in the morning and I couldn’t keep my eyes off the small roasting rodent type animal that was suppose to be our breakfast. It’s little rat like feet looking quite crisp over an open flame and little tuffs of burnt hair did little to comfort my hungry, gurgling tummy.

“Now, we have lots of hard work to do and maybe we will even be trying the impossible, but it needs to be done and we have to do it. Are you girls game?”

“What are you talking about?” Juelz frowned, “how can us three make any difference?”

“Listen,” he bent forward his eyes intense, “with what you said last night about Brimhaven being overrun then they’ll need our help.” He shot his hands in the air for emphasis, “Heck! Probably the whole island of Karamja does! We can’t just run and hide, we have to go and help them. We might be the islands only hope.”

I shuddered, icy fingers of fear wrapping around my heart.


Quickly Eddie described his plan. 

Using his knowledge of magic and some Runes he would magically teleport us to the bustling city of Ardougne.

There we would try and get others to join us. As many fellow adventures as we could find, then together we would go to the aid of Brimhaven and the whole of Karamja!

I liked this plan very much, and I could see by Juelz’s sudden burst of energy that she felt better knowing we would first gather a force!



What a disappointment Ardougne was. The people there were rude and rather cruel as we tried to tell them Zombies were running lose on Karamja. Some laughed at us as if we were mad and called us noobs and other names not fit to write! Those that listened quietly would quickly shake their heads when asked for help. It was a very long and unsuccessful day to say the least! 


Juelz and I were exhausted after running all over that city, for Ardy, as it was sometimes called, wasn't a small place by any means! 

It was almost dark when we finally returned to the market hoping to buy a few cakes and bread for our supper.

“The people of this city are all drunken fools,” Eddy muttered angrily. “If I had the runes I would go to Camelot and find help there. But as it is now we wouldn’t have time to make the journey there by foot. Brimhaven just doesn’t have that long,” he said accepting the piece of cake I handed him.

“We must go tomorrow and try to help them,” Eddie continued, “even if it is just us three."

With a gulp I nodded. I wasn't happy about returning to face zombies all alone and from the look on Juelz face I could tell she felt the same as me.

I could see it all clearly. This story was going to end with me and Juelz both being mauled and eaten by Zombies. 


“What's going on over there?” Juelz said grabbing my hand jarring me out of my brooding thoughts. “Listen Asi, someone is singing.”

I turned in the direction she pointed and listened. Sure enough I could hear someone singing in a slightly tipsy but surprisingly good voice. 

I knew that voice!

“Come on,” I excitedly as I hurried towards the singing and small crowd that had gathered.

“I know this guy, he helped me out loads when I was just a noob in Catherby!” I was excited and grinning from ear to ear. "He'll help us, I just know he will!”

“Sounds like a drunken fool, if you ask me,” Eddie muttered.


He stood in the center of the market place, a beer in one hand a kebab in the other, singing and dancing.

“What the heck is he wearing on his head?” Eddie asked. 

“A party hat," I answered absently.

“A what?” Forgetting for a moment the singer in front of him, Eddie turned to me and scowled. “A what?” he asked again.

“It's a Party Hat or a Phat as they are often referred to. It's one of the rarest items found in all of Gielinor.”

“What's it made of? Looks almost like paper.”

I shrugged, “I'm not sure to be honest. Some say the Phat is made from paper enchanted by a great wizard when the worlds first began. Others say it is fine metal beaten so thin it gives the appearance of paper. I don't know what it is. All I know is it doesn't rip or tear or ruin when wet like ordinary paper.”

“So, who is he?” Juelz asked. “He looks awesome,” she added giving Eddie a reason to roll his eyes.

I giggled at Eddie's expression. “It's Tuffty Power,” I answered her question, “He's a lord of Catherby and a very great and famous adventurer. I know he will help us with the zombies!”


The object of our discussion had started a new song to the delight of the onlookers that had gathered around him. It was a simple song that many of them knew and a few even joined in at the chorus. 

The song floated out over the still night air and Eddie grinned sheepishly. 

“Dang,” he muttered, “I hate to admit it but that guy is pretty good.”


The song was now finished and with a few exaggerated dance steps the singer threw his arms wide and spinning around he faced us.

“Why hellooooooo Asi,” he grinned sheepishly. Not so drunk he didn't recognize me. “You're a long way from home, aren't you?” He said taking one last long swallow from his beer mug then without so much a look passed the mug to Eddie who quickly tried to grasp it before it spilt golden liquid all over his shirt. “Thank you kindly, Sir,” he grinned at him.  

“Tuffty,” I said grabbing his swaying arm, “good grief, just how much did you drink?”

He answered with a wink and I scowled at him.

“Come on,” I said trying to maneuver him to a bench, “Juelz, grab his other arm and help me sit him down.”


Finally with Tuffty Power seated I tried to determine the length of the damage.

“Eddie, lets find some water to splash on his face,” Juelz said with a grin. Tuffty not liking the sound of that frowned at her.

“Now, now,” he said trying to straiten and act more sober, “I’m alright, just had a drink.” He smiled at me and then with mastered grace he flopped himself down on the bench as if prepared to go to sleep.

“I’ll just sleep it off, no worries,” he tipped his pointy blue phat down over his face as if he were a cowboy resting after a hards day work then with a wave of his hand he tried to ward us away.

It was to late. 

Bucket in hand, Juelz apparently having rushed to find water was now standing over him with a grin like I had never seen.



A strew of colorful words swallowed the marketplace.


Although a harsh way to sober up, it did seem to work and Tuffty Power was now in control of his senses, if not a tad grumpy.


“So let me get this strait,” Tuffty finally said as he tugged thoughtfully on his thick white beard. “Zombies have overrun Karamja and the people of Brimhaven are in trouble?”

After having told Tuffty Power the whole story, Juelz and Eddie having put in details of their own, night had come quickly. The soft crisping sound of the fireplace was making me drowsy.

We were inside a cozy little house that was just big enough to hold a sturdy little wooden table, a few chairs, a fireplace off to the side and a comfy looking quilt covered bed. I didn’t know whose home it was but Tuffty had assured us it was fine for us to stay there the night.

Tuffty looked truly troubled.

“The Zombies came from Shilo Village,” Juelz said, “at least while I was in Brimhaven that was the consensus.”

Tuffty was nodding, “Yes, I believe that’s right. The cursed un-dead ones have been locked in Shilo for generations,” he paused and gave a few more thoughtful tugs. “I wonder what has changed to cause them to finally break free...”

A moment more of silence followed and then Tuffty smiled suddenly and stretching he yawned.

“Well, we will head out there first light and see what we can do to help.” He stood and pointed to the single bed, “You ladies can sleep there, us men will take the floor.”




Day 3


Such an odd sensation group teleportation is, almost as if you become part of the bright and flashing colors that surround and morph you. Quite unnerving! 

The morning began early and we were now back on the infected island of Karamja. The teleport had brought us near where Eddie and I had first started this adventure. It seemed so long ago.


Tuffty breathed in the morning island air and smiled boldly, “Ahh, the fresh smell of bananas!” with that said he began heading towards the nearby Banana Plantation.

“Brimhaven is this way!” Eddie called out to him pointing off toward the thick jungle.

“But the bananas are this way!” Tuffty answered back to him.

Eddie was frowning at him and I imagined he was seriously thinking this lord of Catherby was in fact mad.

Juelz, not questioning for a moment the odd great adventure, followed behind him instantly.

“I bet he’s just hungry,” Eddie muttered.


“Come along,” Tuffty beckoned at us, “let’s see if Luthas is okay and if he has any information for us.” he turned and smirked at the lot of us, “Maybe grab some breakfast while we’re at it.”

“Who is Luthas?” Eddie asked.

“Luthas is the plantation owner,” Juelz answered with a knowing smile, “He use to pay me 30 gold pieces for every crate of bananas I’d fill!”

Tuffty laughed, “That’s right,” he said, “he’s a friend of mine and he knows a lot about the island. Sort of a history buff when it comes to this place. He may be able to help us somehow.”

Tuffty stopped for a moment and grabbed a banana off one of the many banana trees, peeling it he took a bite and reached to grab a couple more. “Go ahead,” he motioned to us, “take a couple for the road.”

At Tuffty’s urging we finally left the plantation with several bananas packed away and headed toward the plantation owners little home.

Tuffty was busily munching away on his second banana while humming some old sea chantey when suddenly...



Tuffty let out a garbled gasp as he was suddenly whipped off the trail and left hanging up in a clever net above our heads!

We stared at him in shock as he swung back and forth.

“HAHA!” came a voice off to the side, “Got another one!”

A man with short brown hair a full beard and what appeared to be a monkey on his back came rushing out from the jungle and immediately began pelting the still dazed Tuffty Power with an arm-full of bananas. I noticed the monkey on his back was quite a good aim also!

He stopped suddenly when he finally noticed us standing there. The monkey let out a small squeak.

“Umm, hello?” I said and at this point Tuffty began to squirm in the net.

“Luthas! You old fool! I’m not a zombie get me down from here!”





“I’m terrible sorry, mate,” Luthas said handing Tuffty a clean towel to clean off the banana mush.

We were now inside Luthas simple little home as he clambered about trying to make us comfortable.

“No worries, Luthas,” Tuffty reassured him, “no harm.” He took the towel anyways and began dabbing it at his tunic.

“I guess you are aware that zombies are lose?” Tuffty asked.

The man finally sat down and sighed, “Oh, yes Sir,” he answered, “I knew it would happen sooner or later..” he let out a frustrated grunt and shook his head. “I told the locals, I told them this would happen, but they don’t listen.” he shook his head in annoyance and the monkey squeaked his agreement.

“I was hoping you could give us an idea of why it’s happened,” Tuffty said getting right to the point.

The man looked at us in stunned bewilderment, “Don’t you lot listen? I’ve been saying for years now!”

We all sat silently blinking at him.

“Bananas!” Luthas declared. 

“Bananas?” Eddie asked.

“Banana trees, yes,” Luthas said, “back in the day, many many years ago them zombies ran wild all over the island until some mighty Wizard placed a hinderance spell on them. Made them repulsed by the smell of bananas, see, it made them weak.”

“So what broke the spell?” Juelz asked in bewilderment.

He looked at her, “Why nothing broke the spell, lass! The locals just figured they outgrew such notions and stopped tending to their banana trees! This island use to be covered with them and now my plantation is all you’ll find!

“Them monsters broke free from Shilo because no more banana trees grow near there! They will take over the entire island again ‘cept me and my plantation!”

Tuffty continued to dab and rub off banana mush, “So then these bananas work as weapons?”

“Oh absolutely,” Luthas answered with a firm nod, “nothing better, save smashing in their skull.”

Tuffty fingered the strange necklace around his neck and I realized then it was shaped very much like that of a crude looking monkey’s head.

“We will need bananas then,” he said softly, “lots of bananas.”

“I only have what I got on my plantation,” Luthas said. “Not nearly enough for what you’d be needing that’s for sure.”

Tuffty stood, “Ah, but I have a plan,” he smiled. “Mind if I have a word with your friend there?”

Luthas turned to eye the monkey and the monkey squeaked excitedly, “By all means,” Luthas answered.



And so finally we were on our way to Brimhaven. 

Tuffty had had a bizarre conversation with the monkey that hung on Luthas’s back. It all seemed so crazy to watch. A lord of Catherby squeaking away in some strange monkey language. 

Tuffty was certainly more than he seemed!

At Luthas’s insistence we decided to smear ourselves with banana mush. I had to keep from giggling at just how crazy we all looked walking about the thick jungle covered head to toe in mush!


Brimhaven wasn’t to far away and soon we were coming up to its gates which hung open and eerily swung in the breeze.

“Wow,” Juelz shook her head, “it looks awful!”

“Well,” Eddie said pulling out his dragon sword and moving toward the open gate, “let’s do a bit of zombie smashing!” he paused and looked at us covered in mush, “Or are we just going to pelt them with bananas?”

I laughed and stepped up beside Eddie, “Hopefully we won’t have to do to much head bashing!”

Tuffty was nodding, “Yes, let’s try to stick to banana pelting if we can. Those zombies give off a hard-hitting gas when they are killed that will daze and confuse you.” He paused and turned to Juelz.

“I have an idea!” he was smiling ear to ear, “Let’s make some Potion Bombs!” he was now rummaging through his pack and quickly pulled out a pestle and mortar along with an array of potion bottles and some odd looking jars holding various things.

Juelz seated herself on the ground among his herblore display and picking up one of the jars she looked up at him and smiled.

Tuffty nodded pleased with himself, “It will work won’t it?” he said.

“I think it might!” Juelz answered.


Juelz and Tuffty, apparently having found some common ground, sat discussing types of herbs and measurements.

Eddie and I sat off to the side waiting for the banana weapon to be created.

“Look,” Eddie said digging though his own pac, “I want to show you a weapon I found.” He paused to smile at me, “Maybe you can figure it out ‘cause it baffles me!”

Smiling he pulled out a beautiful scimitar sheathed inside a lovely black dragon hide sheath.

I gasped, “Wow, Eddie, it’s beautiful!”

He tugged on the blade trying to pull it from the sheath then shrugging he handed it to me. “I think it’s a dragon blade,” he said with a frown. “I can’t seem to pull the blade free from the sheath so I think it might be spelled or something.”

“How did you come by it?” I asked giving the handle a tug to no avail.

Eddie smiled sheepishly, “Well,” he said rubbing the back of his neck, “I kind of looted a persons grave.”


“It’s not what you think! I was up North, deep in the Wilderness when I witnessed this poor guy get massacred by some crazy awesome Person-Killer.” he paused frowning, “I was able to go unnoticed and after that murderer left with what he wanted I went and took what was left.” he indicated the scimitar, “Which was that.”

I frowned down at the weapon.

“Don’t worry, Asi,” he said reassuringly, “If I didn’t take it then it probably would be in the hands of another murderer.”

“What were you doing up there anyways?” I asked.

Eddie smiled, “I was following a treasure map.”

I laughed out loud, “Oh, Eddie, my life would be so dull without you as a friend!”

Eddie smirked and then pointed at the sheathed weapon, “Look there, see that?” 

I turned the scimitar to better see what appeared to be an engraving of some sort.

“I think it’s a name,” Eddie said.

“‘Ape... Atoll’?” I read, “That’s an odd name. I wonder if that’s who it belonged to.”

“Maybe,” Eddie said turning the sword over, “but look here, there’s another engraving.”

“‘The King’?” I said with a frown, “How odd.”

“But what’s really odd is that we can’t unsheathe it,” Eddie said taking the sword out of my hands and holding it up over his head he peered up at it as if trying to see under the sheath.

“Why, hello,” Tuffty Power said startling us both. He was standing behind Eddie with a strange look on his face. “Mind if I see that?” he asked.

“Sure,” Eddie said handing the scimitar to him, “maybe the great adventure Tuffty Power can figure out how to break the spell on it,” he rolled his eyes and I giggled.

Tuffty smiled down at the sword, “Why it’s the Kings sword!”

Eddie and I frowned at him.

“You know who it belongs to?” I asked.

“King Awowogei,” he answered.

“Who’s that?” said Eddie.

Tuffty handed the sword back to Eddie with a smile, “He’s the Ape Atoll Monkey King.”

Eddie blinked at him.

Tuffty laughed, “That blade will come in handy, we may need it.”

“Alright,” Eddie nodded as he placed the weapon back in his pac.

Tuffty was rubbing his hands together in excitement, “Now!” he exclaimed, “Who wants to see if our Banana bombs work?”


The bombs worked beautifully. 


Held inside a potion bottle with a stopper the yellow banana mush explosive was an easy weapon to use. 

Just aim and throw!

With weapons ready we made our way into Brimhaven.


The town looked very deserted.

“Look there,” I whispered, “Is that one?”

There was no need for an answer as soon the beast came into full view.

It shuffled towards us and with a wretched moan held out its boney hands.

Suddenly there seemed to be many of them!


The first bomb was flung and the zombie to bear the brunt of it screamed, and in a horrific cry it crumpled to the ground as it’s limbs feel away. A burst of undead gas spread out over the ground sticking to anything in its path turning it a sickly vibrant green.

“Whoa,” Juelz breathed.

“Quick, there’s more!” Tuffty called out and a parade of explosions followed as we all quickly flung our bombs at the hoard.


We spent about 30 minuets clearing out the town with our banana bombs. The zombies had returned to the thick jungle apparently repulsed by the strong smell of bananas now reeking Brimhaven.

It was comforting to see that it did in fact work!


“Now,” Tuffty said, “we need to check out the buildings and see if anyone is still alive.”

“Look!” Juelz yelled as she pointed toward the gate.

There in the trees and standing on the fence were hundreds of monkeys!

“This looks... creepy,” Eddie whispered.

“They have come!” Tuffty smiled, “Great! Quick Eddie give me that scimitar!”

Eddie pulled it out and handed it to him and Tuffty strolled off toward the mass of monkeys.

“Oooing’ and ‘Eeeking’ followed as Tuffty communicated with the rather grumpy looking monkeys.

Finally one of them jumped down off the fence and strode over to Tuffty. 

He was a big monkey and most strange was the enormous crown seated on his head.

Tuffty bowed slightly and handed the sword over. The monkey took it and smiled. Tuffty pointed to Eddie and the monkey turned a smiling grin on Eddie.

“What’s going on?” Eddie asked looking truly disturbed.

Tuffty gave him a smirk, “This is King Awowogei,” he answered.

King Awowogei turned back to his monkey followers and raising the sword up over his head he screeched excitedly causing all the monkeys to follow suit. 

The monkey king and his monkeys disappeared into the jungle screeching all the way.


I ran up to the smiling Tuffty, “What’s going on?” I asked this time.

He smiled down at me, “Remember old Luthas little friend?” 

I nodded that I did.

“I asked him to go and ask King Awowogei to help us put the island back to right,” he answered. “You see, King Awowogei owes me a favor!” Tuffty winked, “Although without that scimitar he probably wouldn't have agreed to help!”

I laughed, “You’ve been all over haven’t you?”


The clean up took no time with a mass of monkeys at our aid. They leaped from tree to tree pelting the zombies with bananas brought special from their home in Ape Atoll.

Soon all the zombies were back inside their corral just outside Shilo Village.


King Awowogei swung down from a branch holding several banana tree sapling. He smiled boldly as he gave each of us a little tree.

Tuffty Power said fair-well to them and the rest of us waved our goodbyes as they all took to the trees again and disappeared into the jungle.


“Well,” Tuffty smiled holding up a couple little banana saplings, “let’s do some Farming!”


And so ended my adventure in the jungle. With new little banana saplings planted all around the zombie enclosure the large island of Karamja would be safe... for now anyways!



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