Hey Its Anna, You Remember Me?

Anna was best friends with Niall Horan. That is, until he became famous. They were the cutest little guys, and when Anna moved from Mullingar, Ireland, they E-mailed, phoned eachother and texted. But that stopped suddenly and he wouldnt answer to her texts. First it was days... days became weeks, weeks became months... months became years... 12 years and she still remembered him back from when they were 6.. And Anna still waits for that phone call...
But she gets lucky. One Direction coming to where she moved; New York! Buying Front row tickets. Oh not to mention the meet&Greet. But her dream of Niall remembering her... Can it still happen?
And if it does, will he have changed?


3. I Think I Might Remember... ~Message~

Niall's POV


I called my mum in Ireland. 

"Hey Niall hun!"

"Hey You remember Anna, right?"

"Umm.. hmmm... Yes it's been a while but she was an amazing little angel!"

"Yeah whats her number?"



"(123) 456-7890 *I dont think its a real number, so yeahhh :P* 

"Thanks mum, love you, Bye!"

"Bye hun!"

Ok so now I have to dial that, and hopefully she will forgive me for not remembering my best friend, the one I loved, and may I say she looks pretty damn fine. Well now that shes older. She was the first girl I kissed, one of the first people I saw beside mum and dad. And Greg. Then I remember that promise, Oh now it breaks my heart how I didnt keep that promise.

Ring ring ring ring. Ring ring ri-


"Hey may I speak to Anna?"


I hear a yell "Annnnaaaaaa Phonneeeeeee!!"

then footsteps. I cant believe this is my Anna, coming to our concert thats in 3 hours. 


"Anna, Im soo sooo sooo sorry for not remembering you! I know you hurt and I want to make it up too you. Meet me at Nandos!!"

"Hahha Ok Niall!!"

We hung up. I should take her to like a park or something. Yeah... 

Anna's POV 

"Mom Mom Mom Holy fucking dear shitting cow! Niall just called and wants me to meet him at Nando's!"

"Niall!! Niall Horan?"

"No duh!"

"OMG Ask how Maura's been!"


I ran upstairs to my closet, pulling out ripped black skinny jeans and a 1D top. It was a loose white one with 1D symbol on it. I tied my hair up in a messy bun. Noo I like It better down. I left my hair, its a golden brown color. And its wavy. Everyone says they wish they had my hair but I honestly dont see whats so good in it. I grabbed my phone and stuck it in my back pocket, and took 20 dollars out of my wallet.

"See ya!!"


I slipped on my DC's and off I went. Nando's was around the corner so I didnt have far to walk. I spotted Niall. 



I giggled at my nick-name he gave me one time. Funny how I got it. Me and Niall saw these yellow fruits, shaped like hot dogs. and it went like this...


"Lets try it"

"But they look gross!"

"Then we can play with them!"


"Ouch!!" Says Niall



"Owwwiiieeee!!" Anna Screamed. 

"Im Gonna try and Eat it!" Anna put the banana inside her moutyh, peeling it first.

"ITSSS YUUMMMY TRY IT! HERE" Anna threw Niall the banana and it smashed him square in the face.

"Oh it's on."

End of Flashback

Niall's POV

She looked amazayn. No, Stunning. I dont have a word to describe how she looked. 

"Nialler!" She screamed. I decided to call her by her old name, haha, good times.


She giggled. Aww she looked so cute. I wrapped my arms around her suprisingly super skinny body. She could be a model. 

"You know you need some fat on those bones. C'mon were going to Nando's."

And just as we walked through the doors, my phone rang. I looked at the call ID. Management. Oh great. I clicked accept. 


"Mr.Horan, we need you to come to a meeting, immediately. It's about popularity and how far the boys are going to make it."


Beep. I hung up. I let out a loud sigh, causing many people in there to look at me.

"Listen umm Anna I just got a call from management"

Her face dropped, oh I hate seeing her like that.

"And you have to go to a meeting, right?" She finished for me.

"Yes, and i'm really sorry. but after the concert I'll call you alright?"

She told me her cell number.

"See you."

~ Likeeeeee? No? Yah? Kaii I'm gonna update ANOTHER ONE :DD Im really into this xD So IDK if you are but yeah... Anyways OMG 3 UPDATES IN ONE DAYYYY Im aiming for 6 (; Hahah um, I havent got a cover yet. So sad D; But a heads up, Its gonna get full of drama, pain, tears, forgivniss.. and some suprises!! Happy Reading! :P XOXOXO 

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